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When it comes to your love life, have you considered working with a love and life coach?

If so, let me ask you, in dating, do you feel like everyone who found their person knows something you don’t?

Like there’s some big secret to find to Deep Love, that you’re just not in on?

I’ve been there too!

In the midst of one relationship falling apart, I desperately called my friend whose relationship started rocky and eventually led to an engagement. I NEEDED to know her secret so I could “get” my boyfriend to stay with me too. 

Here’s the truth that I uncovered: Deep work is the ONLY way to truly change your patterns in love.

That’s because your emotions create your thoughts, your thoughts create your actions, and your actions ultimately become your life. And spirituality grounds it all and helps you to trust in the process.

When I work with my clients, I use this framework to guide their transformation in their love life.

It’s a combination of the inner work (spiritual and emotional) and outer work (mental and physical). We go beyond understanding WHY you attract certain relationships to HOW you can implement what you know to ACTUALLY change your love life

I’m so excited to hear from you. As always, I suggest with starting with my free training to get a sense of my coaching style and philosophy, and to learn about my clients’ success stories.


If you already know my style from listening to the Love Life Connection Podcast and you want to chat with me about working together, go ahead and schedule an Introductory Call with me here.

Big love. Talk soon.


I met Jason!

We met a year ago July when I was in Colorado, and started dating in November. He lives in the metro-Detroit area, 308 miles door-to-door, which has been good for taking things slowly and building a solid foundation.

He is very different than the men I had been choosing over the past decade, which has been a VERY good thing (as you are well aware!) Checking in on the lessons I have learned in the Love Incubator, and from your Podcasts, have really helped me to be my authentic self, be honest with him and helped us work through some things that have come up that historically I would have handled very differently.

In other words, I drank the kool-aid and it’s worked!! I chose this person based on reality, not fantasy. I continue down the path with him based on our authentic selves. I have been reconciling my ideas of love vs reality in my head as we move through the progression of dating life. And it has been eye-opening and wonderful! I am finally starting to understand what it might look like and how to navigate real love.

Thank you for your help in my journey! 💝

Stacey W


How I work with my clients:

Your next step in working together is scheduling an Introductory Coaching Call here.

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