Work With Me

Work With Me

Hey You.

I remember back before I met Stevie, I felt so completely and totally stuck. “Where is he?!” I yelled in frustration.

I was doing all the dating things and reading all the dating books. But nothing worked. I was drowning in knowledge, but starving for wisdom. I really needed someone who could hold me accountable and help me know what were the right steps FOR ME to take to find love.

But I couldn’t find the kind of help that I needed. Looking back, I really could have used a coach.

Today? I’d love to be that love and life coach for you. So, this is your official invitation to get the support that you need to finally find love.

If you are ready to turn over a new leaf in your love life, I’m here, I get it, and I’m ready to help. Your next move? Check out the ways to work with me below.

Big love. Talk soon.


PS – Not sure which is the best option for you? No problem, apply for a Love-Life Consult here so you can discover your best move to find real love now.

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