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Pour a glass of sparkling rose and get ready to confidently meet your perfect-for-you person this year. No more pointless swiping, obsessing over texts, and watering down your fabulous self to please a man #donewiththat

You’re a successful woman with a career and life you love. Obviously. But the one thing you can’t seem to crack the code on is finding a satisfying, romantic partnership.

Why is this so hard to figure out?

You’re done with the games. Done with trying to make it work with someone who isn’t going to commit to ANYONE.

It’s a waste of your time and energy.

Trying to capture a man’s attention by pleasing them or “earning” their love only attracts the narcissists, controlling types, and those with massive egos.

And you’re so done with those fools.

You know you have so much love to give to the right person, and there’s at least a small part of you that believes there is someone perfect for you out there too.

Ditch the dating roles and be here for the right reasons. 

When you forget the dating rules, here’s what happens on your path to love. You…

Discover what you want in love.

When you know what you want, you can attract the right kind of partner. (Hint: the stuff on your perfect-man list or profile probably *aren’t* that crucial to the success of a relationship.) How much time have you wasted on men who can’t give you what you need, or they look good on paper but, you’re just not that into them?

Get out of your head and out of your own way.

Your biggest obstacle to love is usually YOU. Not that something is wrong with you. But when you take the pressure off, you show up on dates confidently as you. You make tough decisions in love more confidently, and you’re not obsessing about being texted back or worried if he likes you.

Clear your love blocks.

Your love blocks are beliefs you created about yourself, love, men, belonging and the world in previous relationships and as a child. Left unchecked, these blocks hold you back in love much more than the latest dating app. When you clear your love blocks you attract a different caliber of partner who’s more likely to be available and into YOU.

Experience growth in all areas of your life.

Nothing exists in a vacuum. When you increase your confidence and worthiness in love, you better believe that’s going to show up elsewhere too. You’ll finally apply to that dream job, ask your boss for a raise, attract more money, feel radiant in your body, get momentum behind your new or existing business and deepen other relationships in your life too.

Even though the motivation to overcome your love blocks is clear, the path to actually doing it is anything but.

Perhaps on a whim you’re feeling really motivated. You’re ready to find love “the right way.”

You get back on Bumble. Polish up your pictures and your profile. Pep yourself up. Promise yourself you’re going to see and act on red flags sooner next time. You won’t conveniently ignore them.

You start swiping. You’re being diligent on who you swipe right on. You’re sending messages, and following up.

Maybe you get a few dates lined up for the next week.

Here’s where most women get thrown off course:

Inevitably, you’ll send some messages and get zero or maybe just a few replies. Someone ghosts you or cancels last minute.

Maybe you go out with someone you’re excited about, but you obsess over whether or not he’s into you and fall into the soul-sucking waiting-for-the-text game that you just swore off.

Or worse, you go out with someone and all the red flags are there. He seems a bit noncommittal, just getting out of a relationship, or he’s hot and cold with you.

You *know* these are the red flags you promised yourself you wouldn’t ignore, but the chemistry is just too good to give up…

In these moments, most women lose their confidence, start to make decisions out of fear, and get frustrated with the dating process all over again.

You waste even more time, energy, and emotions on the wrong relationship, which pulls you further away from being able to attract the kind of relationship you want.

You get more frustrated and more disheartened.

The moment you start to spiral, it’s almost impossible to come back.

You fall victim to paralyzing texting hangups, beat yourself up over up making the same mistakes, and begin to question if this is really possible for you.

You’re so emotionally charged at this point it’s almost impossible to think straight about your situationship and make decisions out of love.

But, this is also a golden opportunity…

When you’re already feeling emotionally charged from your situationship, it’s so much easier to use that energy to jump in and do the deeper work that’ll allow you to clear your blocks, shift your unconscious behaviors and find the relationship you deeply desire.

You get to alchemize all of your challenges and setbacks in love into an opportunity of finding a loving relationship in a way that feels fun, exciting, and empowering.

That is… if you can avoid the mistakes most women make when looking for love.

Four Reasons You Haven’t Found Love Yet

(And how to change that!)

You’re playing by the patriarchy’s rules

I don’t want you to use this as an excuse, but, the patriarchy is real.

The patriarchy has made many of the rules most women still unconsciously play by:

Who or what is beautiful and sexy
Stereotypical gender roles (especially when it comes to career, courtship, and family)
Women are supposed to be pleasing, palatable, and beautiful to look at, and then use those traits to get and keep the man’s attention

Playing by these rules will attract you loveless relationships at best, and at worst toxic, even abusive relationships.

Even though the media, movies and maybe your mother’s advice still plays into these old ways, there are still plenty of opportunities to find a loving and equal partnership fit for the modern, ambitious woman where you get to write your own rules and create a partnership that feels equal and supportive.

You’re not implementing the inner work

Maybe you’ve spent some time in therapy or read enough books to know that your childhood, your parents’ relationship, or a previous gut-wrenching breakup are affecting how you show up in love today.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “Ok, so I understand why I might be attracting narcissists…but how do I change that?” then you wouldn’t be the only one.

While awareness is a powerful and important step to transforming your relationships, most therapists and coaching programs leave you hanging at the awareness stage.

The next step is integration. And while it’s not complicated, it DOES require dedication, accountability, and support since your reptile brain will fight you to go back to it’s old habits. (This is 100% normal, by the way.)

You don’t prioritize this area of your life

You might look at your friends and think, well, their relationship just happened for them, so it will for me too. I shouldn’t have to work at this.

Maybe some of your friends ARE a natural when it comes to romantic relationships. (God bless them!) But maybe, some of your friends are in relationships, but behind closed doors, they’re deeply unhappy in them.

Unless romantic relationships come easily to you (which probably isn’t the case since you’re here) or you prefer an unhappy relationship (which I also doubt is true), this must be an area of your life you take off the backburner.

It doesn’t mean you have to choose between a relationship and your career, your health, or your independence. But you DO need to make it an area of your life you put time and intention behind.

Think of it this way: if you don’t have time to even seriously think about a relationship, then you have no time for a relationship, either.

You reinvent the wheel.

You’ve probably been taught that success takes a lot of hard work, and that you have to “earn” what you achieve with self-sacrifice.

Look, doing the inner work to find real love and consciously dating does require hard work.

But, it’s also not rocket science and it doesn’t have to take years and years. You don’t have to overcomplicate it by reinventing the wheel, figuring it out alone, or believing you’re the only one going through what you’re going through.

Instead, you have to find a proven path and learn from those you came before you so you don’t waste time focusing on the wrong things or in unnecessary heartache.

“Since joining the Tribe, I’ve developed a whole new mindset. I’m more positive, and it has really helped me realize that I alone need to make changes to get the results I want.

I’ve put my abandonment issues to rest. I no longer feel the need to sugarcoat who I am or hold back what I’m really feeling to make others feel safe with me.

I’m now a take-me-as-I-am type of woman. I no longer believe it’s my job to make someone like me, either we fit or we don’t.

If you’re considering joining the Tribe, I say, TAKE THE LEAP! If you’re already putting in the time to better yourself, this group will only help you succeed at getting to your happy place that much faster. I have made great strides at that since I started here.“

– Erin S., Wisconsin

“I’ve found peace within myself, and I’m learning who I really am. I’m learning boundaries and self discipline in relationships. I finally achieved a connection with my inner child and healed old wounds and beliefs from childhood.

I have achieved a huge spiritual awakening since joining the Tribe and getting support from Veronica.

Joining the tribe is the best investment I’ve done this year, and the personal growth benefits are endless.

Thank you, thank you so, so much!! You have changed my life, you really have. You are amazing gifted human and have beautiful bright soul, embracing the feminine in every woman out there.”

– Yoana P., London, UK

“It is so worth it. Don’t ask yourself can you afford to pay for it, ask yourself if you can afford not to? Veronica has helped me see things that I couldn’t see with years of therapy. I love this group because it is truly about working loving yourself from the inside out in order to get the real love you want. It’s not about tricks to get or keep the man.

I have finally realized how I want to feel in a relationship, that I was in love with the idea of my ex, and I continue to learn more and more about myself.”

– Nadia T., Atlanta, GA

So let’s be clear….

Even though your texting skills, how well you play the game, or even your weight can get you a date, you don’t want just another date.

You don’t even want just a relationship.

You want real love.

Most women will eventually forgo this dream and decide to stay single or settle with the “safe” option.

I know you don’t want that.

As long as you can avoid playing by the old patriarchal rules and stop focusing on things that don’t really matter like your flirting game or lining up as many dates as possible, the path is paved for you to clear the deep, internal blocks that are keeping you from true love.

It’s a path that allows you to be YOU, where you don’t have to water yourself down, play by someone else’s rules, or try to “get” the guy.

Doing the deep work isn’t just about acknowledging you never really got over your ex or that you have daddy issues.

The key ingredient is to take small actions on a daily and weekly basis that shift your internal belief systems, your fears, blocks and unconscious habits so you can move towards love.

And with your permission, I’d love to show you how to do that.


The Love Action Tribe

A step-by-step action for clearing your blocks and finding real love

I’ve helped hundreds of women heal after breakups, feel more confident dating, and meet their life partner.

After struggling in love myself for years, I’ve taken everything that helped my clients and me find real love and put it into one membership community.

The Love Action Tribe isn’t just about theory, sounds-good-advice-but-have-no-idea-how-to-apply-it or awareness-building.

I help you to actually CHANGE your actions and habits (while tackling the underlying reasons WHY those unconscious habits are there), so you can change who you attract.

The Love Action Tribe isn’t so much a membership community as it is a program to help you take small actions on a regular basis that move you towards a loving, long-term relationship.

I take you step-by-step so that you not only UNDERSTAND your blocks and relationship patterns, but you learn the tools to implement so you can change your patterns.

And I’m there along the way so you’re always supported. (Because it’s never as simple or straightforward as the self-help books make you think it is.)

Marti’s Love Story:

I’d been single for 4 years after a 23 year marriage. I had so much baggage standing in the way of a healthy relationship. But when I joined the Love Action Tribe, I fell in love with me. I focused on me. I stopped waiting on someone to meet my needs. I bought flowers when I wanted them. I did the work.

I walked through the healing of the wounds that had brought me where I was. I started finding and doing fun things, sometimes alone. The support of the Love Action Tribe held me up in those lonely moments and helped me refocus.

Then I met my cowboy.

He asked me out on a date. He was such a gentleman. He felt like “home”.

He and I have been in awe of the alignment in our lives and how we came together. His house matches almost to a “T” the pictures on my vision board. This relationship feels so different than anything I’ve ever experienced. I have a peace to just enjoy and a strange but beautiful detachment to the outcome. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Marti J

Corpus Christi, TX

The Love Action Tribe is the ONLY membership program of it’s kind that helps you…


Create your own dating rules

I don’t teach you another set of dating rules. Instead, I teach you how to be your own best love guru. Learning to create your own rules and boundaries in love (and trusting yourself to follow through on them) is the ONLY sustainable option that’ll guide you impeccably from getting over an ex to walking down the aisle, and everything in between.


Implement the inner work

What’s missing in most dating advice books, coaching programs, and even in therapy is INTEGRATION. Sure, it might be great to understand how daddy issues are blocking you in love. I take it a step further and walk you through how to change your unconscious behaviors so you can attract a healthy, loving relationship.


Fit dating into your busy life

I know your love life isn’t the only important area of your life, which means you shouldn’t spend all your time on it either. After years of my own mistakes and working with hundreds of women, I curated the KEY shifts you need to make into digestible, actionable lessons designed with the busy woman in mind.


Take a proven path forward towards love

After taking an initial assessment once you join, you’ll receive a track of Love Lessons to follow that’ll help you get to the next phase in love. Whether you’re getting over an ex, have no confidence to put yourself out there, are dating a lot with nothing to show for it, or in a situationship, I’ve curated a path for you to take.

Here’s how it all happens:

Step 1: Follow The No Fail Formula

I created the No Fail Formula to set you up for success in the Love Action Tribe. Before you even begin the Love Lessons, it’s important that you get into the success mindset so that you literally cannot fail. (I explain how that’s even possible in your first step of the No Fail Formula.)

Whatever blocks or hang ups you have about even beginning to deep work of finding real love (like, “I was so dumb to waste five years with that guy,” “I don’t have any time,” or “I’m so messed up. I have SO much work to do”), the No Fail Formula helps you clear all that up so you you don’t get tripped up and find real love faster.

Step 2: Take the Love Phase Assessment

Once you complete the No Fail Formula, you’ll take your Love Phase Assessment and “Should I Be Dating?” Quiz. Based on the results of these two assessments, you’ll receive your track of love lessons to follow.

Through our assessment support you’ll know:

  • Exactly where to start to get yourself unstuck in your love life
  • Which advice, tools, and relationship/dating theories apply to you and which don’t
  • Clarity on whether taking a dating break will be helpful for you (or not)

Step 3 : Follow Your Path To Love

When you take your Love Phase Assessment, you’ll follow one track of love lessons:

Track 1: Getting Over An Ex

Most women get over an ex wrong. Netflix or wine might feel good for a hot minute, but they aren’t going to allow you to learn and grow so you don’t repeat the same pattern or mistake.

In this love track you’ll…

  • Uncover your dating and relationship patterns so you know which blocks and limiting beliefs you need to heal
  • Understand why you and your ex attracted each other so you can grow from them
  • How to quickly get over your ex without just pushing down the emotions (which only recreates the situation over and over again)

Track 2: Single And Taking An Intentional Break

Once you’re over an ex, you probably discovered a lot of limiting beliefs and old wounds you want to heal before you’re ready to date.

In this track of love lessons you’ll learn:

  • How to look at your childhood and understand how they create your patterns today, and how to change them
  • How to create a life you love NOW so you don’t lose yourself in your next relationship
  • How to increase your self-worth so you attract someone who also has high self-worth

Track 3: Single And Afraid To Mingle

Now that you’re ready to date, you might realize your confidence has gone all out the window! This is totally normal, even if you feel confident in the rest of your life.

In this love track you’ll…

  • Discover exactly what you need in love so you have direction and clarity in the people you’re meeting
  • How to strengthen your intuition so you can increase your confidence
  • How to make tough decisions so you feel more confident to say YES or NO to someone

Track 4: Single And Nothing Sticks

In this love track, you’re dating and meeting people, but you still don’t have anything to write home about. In this track of love lessons, you’ll get clear on WHY that is so you can change it, and start attracting potential partners you’re excited about.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How your parents might be playing a role in who you attract and how to change that
  • How to balance your feminine and masculine energy so there’s a balance between the two of you, increasing your chances of creating a connection
  • How to do inner child work to see if there are additional limiting beliefs or blocks that are attracting the wrong people to you

Track 5: In a Kinda Sorta Relationship

Yay! You’ve met someone, but now you want to see if this could be the real thing, and if so, move it in that direction. This love track will help you do just that.


  • Learn how to communicate your needs and desires
  • Get crystal clear in what you need in your relationship, and what really matters in determining the longevity of your relationship
  • How to be more feminine so that the relationship continues to feel passionate and exciting

Track 6: Turning A Relationship Into A Commitment

Not only have you met someone, but you’re ready to take it to the next level. This track will help you do just that.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to release people pleasing patterns so you’re deepening into the relationship through love rather than fear of losing him
  • How to have difficult conversations about what you want and need without being needy, naggy or too much

Step 4: Integrate

You’ll have tons of support as you integrate through our private online community. You also get access to me via monthly hot seat coaching calls and opportunities for additional 1×1 coaching at a rate not available to the public.

You’ll also have the opportunity to be partnered up with an accountability buddy as you work towards love. Accountability is a POWERFUL way to make big changes in your life. However, this part is totally optional, and if you prefer to go it alone, you do you.

Through our implementation support you’ll:

  • No longer feel you’re the only one going through what you’re going through
  • Always have a group of supportive, smart women who get you to bounce ideas off of
  • Access to me so I can help you see your blindspots and up-level your inner work so you can attract a higher vibrating, emotionally available relationship

Step 5 : Get Continuous Support

Once you complete your initial love track, you might find yourself in a new love phase, with a new track of love lessons to follow. In addition to the love tacks, each month in the Tribe we focus on a monthly theme that helps you cultivate a skill I think is important for a healthy relationship.

Past themes have included:

  • Creating an Epic Sex Life No Matter Your Relationship Status
  • How to Have Tough Conversations
  • Nurturing Your Femininity
  • How to Handle Being Triggered
  • And more!

Unlike THAT process…


This process does work.

Read below how we’ve helped countless women:

“Before I joined the Love Action Tribe, I was worried about sharing my story with strangers. But the community has brought me a sense of belonging, clarity and peace. I’m so thankful for this amazing group of ladies and an amazing coach. I’m afraid I’d still be stuck and lost without this support and encouragement.”

– Marti J.

“It’s so nice to have a place you can be so raw and real and be supported, and not judged. And given ideas but also just be heard.”

– Carrie B.

I joined the Tribe as soon as I got the email without hesitation. Since then, I’ve been taking steps towards vocalizing what I want and need from others, and that’s allowing me to feel so free. The community is amazing and it’s a blessing to be able to be a part of it. And the best part is getting that email every Monday with the week’s Love Action Challenge!

– Lola F, New York, NY

“I know it sounds crazy and impossible but I’ve actually met someone who I think’ll be the love of my life. We’re only 3 months in, but it’s been amazing so far (and extremely emotionally healthy). Everything I’ve learnt and all the support I’ve gotten, as well as the understanding of where I was at and why, has promoted SO much growth!

One thing that’s been big for me is knowing I’m not alone and that I can reach out for support, be myself and be honest with the other lovely women in the Love Action Tribe. It’s such a relief! Being able to help others with their questions and also seeing (it’s so easy to see in others) where they’re at and what’s holding them back in their thinking is very clarifying, and I can apply it to my own growth and life.”

– Joanne R., New South Wales, Australia

“Before working with Veronica, I was afraid of the unknown, and all the “what ifs” popped up in my head.

I hadn’t dated in years and I was insecure that I wouldn’t put the best photos up or say the right thing in the profile to attract a high quality man that is right for me.

The greatest insight I got was being able to define the type of relationship I wanted to have in more concrete terms, rather than a wishy-washy idea. Then going for it. And I got Chuck (with your help!)!

At first I hesitated because of money, but it was so worth it because working with you has impacted all areas of my life, from spiritual to financial.

I would recommend any woman to work with you, and I’m so grateful to have worked together.

Thank you for supporting me in an area of life I had given up on!”

– Sherri W., Amarillo, TX

“I learned how to be more conscious and aware of what I needed to do to make myself feel loved and appreciated. I am more aware of my own needs and ways that I can fulfill my own needs without looking at a partner to fill them for me.

I would recommend everyone take this program: married, single, or dating. There are aspects of what Veronica teaches that are so transferable for individual growth and development.

Veronica is down to earth and has an amazing approach to relationships. I loved that she doesn’t really sugar coat things, and she tells it how it is.

Plus, I met my husband while I was working with you!”

– Kaeli Y., Ontario, Canada

And of course, there are bonuses!

Bonus #1

Private – Members’ Only Facebook Group

This is not another blind-leading-the-blind kind of Facebook group.

Rather, it’s a growth-oriented community of women who are not only serious about finding love, but are serious about their own growth, led by a relationship expert who’s been there. You won’t find ANY male bashing, complaining or blaming here. It’s a positive, yet real group to support you in every phase of finding love.

In this group you’ll…

  • Tap into the collective knowledge, experience and insight of women who are smart, successful, and get you
  • Quickly troubleshoot a hiccup from a texting or dating situation you want some eyes on so you don’t spiral
  • Get support and answers from me to your burning questions or toughest situationships
  • Create deep and connected friendships with other women who can uplift, inspire, and motivate you

Bonus #2:

Attract Your Soulmate Without Losing Your Soul On Demand Workshop

In this on-demand workshop, you’ll discover what YOU uniquely need and want in love.

Knowing what you need and want in a relationship is powerful knowledge. If you’re throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks, or you keep going out with guys who look good on paper, but it never works out, you need this bonus workshop.

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • Why your perfect man list makes it harder to date and even keeps you single
  • How to discover what you need in love, and align that with what really matters in the longevity and quality of your relationship
  • A step-by-step plan to practically manifest your dream relationship to you

Bonus #3:

Make it Work Online On Demand Workshop

This workshop will take you from A to Z in all things online dating.

You’ll learn:

  • To swipe or not swipe (which dating sites/apps are best for you based on your demographics, geography, and goals…and why I’m a HUGE fan of swipe apps)
  • The 4 essential pieces any dating profile must have if you want to attract high quality men
  • The biggest mistake most women write on their profile that gets them attracting not great matches
  • How to pick great profile pictures (It’s not based on criteria that you think…)

Here’s what you get when you join the Love Action Tribe today:

Join the Love Action Tribe for $35/month or $350/year. No minimums and cancel anytime.

Take the Love Action Challenge 

The Love Action Tribe is the only membership community of it’s kind that’s designed to give you deep, yet doable action steps to help you move forward in love.

The women in the Tribe are highly committed to not just transforming their love life, but creating a life they love too. When you join, you’ll be a part of this incredible group.

Here’s the thing:

By the end of your first 14 days in the community, you’ll have had time to go through the No Fail Formula and begin your prescribed Love Track. inner child work and have a deeper understanding as to why love hasn’t happened for you yet (and what to do about it).

If you don’t feel like you’re getting a deeper understanding to your love blocks and how to remove them, simply reach out, show us you’ve put in the work and we’ll refund you your investment and cancel all future payments. Please note, you *MUST* show us you’ve done the work in order to be granted a refund.

Please read the refund policy here.

Join the Love Action Tribe, 100% risk free!

No minimums. Cancel anytime. And 14-day money back guarantee!*

What women asked before joining the Love Action Tribe:

I hardly have time to sleep! I’m not sure if I have time.

I appreciate this question, but I’m going to give you some tough love. If you don’t have time for this, you don’t have time for a relationship.

I’ve created this program with the busy woman in mind.

The monthly hot seat coaching calls are 60 minutes, the New/Full Circles are 45 minutes and each week’s challenge will take no longer than 30 minutes (but likely much less).

You have to be honest with yourself: do you really not have time for a relationship or does it just feel safer to keep putting it on the back burner? Are you going to wait until you’re retired or kids are grown to find love?

The choice is yours, but be honest with yourself.

If this is enough of a priority for you, you’ll find the time. Also, the No Fail Formula will help you find the time for the Tribe.

I feel weird/shy about sharing my stuff with a bunch of strangers. Is everyone just in their 20s or 30s?

I hear you.

A lot of women who are in the Tribe told me that this was their biggest hesitation too. As soon as women joined the group and saw how supportive the community is, the fear quickly faded away. Now, they’re not sure what they’d do without the community.

Some women are in the Tribe and less involved with the Facebook and just enjoy consuming the trainings on their own.

However, the community is a great place to learn to be vulnerable and connect with others. This absolutely translates to your ability to be open and truly emotionally available to potential partners.

Most women are between 35-45. Some Tribe members are in their 20s (though to be frank, not many!), and that ranges up to their 60s. Some women have never been married, some are divorced, some have kids, and some don’t. As long as you desire a life long partnership, your age or status don’t matter!

Don’t I just need to date more and then it’ll happen for me? It’s a numbers’ game.

Au contraire, dear. Dating is most certainly NOT numbers’ game!

You can go on all the dates you want (which sounds miserable to me), but if you have the same fears and limiting beliefs that led you to your past crappy relationships, you’re only going to find yourself with the same kind of relationship, just a different face.

I believe you DON’T have to go on a ton of dates to meet someone. When you do your own inner work, you attract much higher quality and better matching potential partners. Quality trumps quantity any day. Plus, it’s a lot less exhausting and you don’t have to make dating your second job.

There are lots of other options out there, in fact, I’ve invested in some of them and didn’t get the change I was hoping for. What makes this different?

I love this question, so thank you for asking it!

Unfortunately, I see a lot of other dating “experts” have their clients focus on the wrong things. Texting, online dating, what you wear, or even how to flirt will not make it or break it for you. I like to focus on the deeper issues that REALLY make the difference as to who you attract.

The core of my work focuses on healing how you learned to get love, safety and belonging as a child. Most other coaches don’t teach this, but I think it’s required to have success in love. Because when those beliefs are in healthier places, you’ll be amazed at who you begin to attract.

Keep in mind this is a membership with various love lesson tracks so you can focus on what YOU need.

AND I’ve designed the community so we can personally support you through your unique circumstances. Plus, if you do find it’s not the right fit for you, you can cancel your membership with no strings attached.

I'm not even dating/I don't want to date right now. Is the Tribe for me?

This the most common question and my answer is a resounding YES!

Most of what I teach apply whether you’re taking a dating break, figuring out a relationship, or just dating. As long as your big goal is to find love, you’ll love this community. The work we do is about so much more than just dating. It’s about YOU, your life and creating the love you want.

In fact, I find a lot of the women who come into the Tribe are either desiring a break from dating or I recommend they consider a break so they can do some deeper healing, regroup, and be in a brand new place when they DO date again.

Do I get access as soon as I sign up? What if I live in Europe/Australia or Asia?


As soon as you sign up, everything, including the various love lesson tracks, bonuses, and lots of other extras are available immediately. We’ll also get you into the private Facebook within 24 hours of you requesting access.

I designed the Tribe so that very few things are “live” so we don’t have to scramble with time zones. There are two live calls a month, and I alternate between doing a day time and evening session here in the US/Canada to accommodate as many time zones as possible.

Plus, evening in the US/Canada is morning or lunch time in Australia/Asia, which makes joining one of our live calls easy!

Finally, if you can’t make a call, all calls are recorded and loaded into the members’ area so you can listen at your own convenience.

What if I don’t like it?

You can cancel any time, no questions asked. There are no contracts or minimum amount of time you must spend in the Tribe. Though my guess is once you get in there, you’ll love it!

We also have a 14 days Tribe challenge. Start the work, and if you’re not feeling better and unstuck, we’ll refund you your money and cancel all future payments. Please note that you must show us you did the work in order to be granted a refund.

Can you remind me of everything I’m getting when I sign up today?


The Complete Love Action Tribe membership includes,
No Fail Formula
Love Tracks for your Love Phase
Monthly Hot Seat Coaching Calls
New Moon Intention Settling Calls
Monthly Themes to help you in relationships and love
Accountability Partners (optional)

And you get these bonuses:

BONUS #1: Get Over Your Ex Training (Value: $197)
BONUS #2: Private Facebook group (Value: $297)
BONUS #3: Make it Work Online (Value: $97)

YEAR MEMBERSHIP BONUS #1: Two months free! (Value: $70)
YEAR MEMBERSHIP BONUS #2: 30-minute “Where Do I Start?” Call with Veronica (Value: $175)

Plus: Dozens of meditations and worksheets to help move you along your path towards love.

You can join for just $35/month and cancel any time.

Join the Love Action Tribe, 100% risk free!

No minimums. Cancel anytime. And 14-day money back guarantee!*

Still not sure?

With the 14-day guarantee,* you literally have nothing to lose.

You’ll be joining the Love Action Tribe for the reason reasons if…


You’re just getting started dating again after a long hiatus or after getting out of a marriage or long-term relationship. You have NO idea where to start, what to do, how to meet people or even who you’d like to attract, and you want support so you don’t make any big mistakes.


You’ve been dating for longer than you care to admit and you’ve been attracting either no one or crappy relationship after crappy relationship. You’re not sure what you’re doing wrong or even what to do differently next time. You feel stuck and confused and are beginning to question if love is even in the cards for you.


You have no problem doing the deep, inner work. Even though you’re not exactly sure what that entails, you know that finding real love goes well beyond your profile, appearance, and texting. You’re willing to put 30 minutes of your week into this work.


You’re already spending a lot of time on the apps and dating, and maybe even doing the inner work. The only problem is, nothing ties anything together and there’s no real plan or strategy behind what you’re doing. It’s like your throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks.


You’re aware that things like Tinder and Bumble have changed dating, but you’re skeptical of other experts out there saying things like “Dating is a new landscape” or “the dating rules have changed.” You appreciate how the Love Action Tribe focuses on inner work, communication skills, and trusting your intuition which are TIMELESS and apply no matter how you choose to meet potential partners.


You’re ready to dive into the inner work to understand where your beliefs around getting love, safety, and belonging came from so you can upgrade your beliefs, and therefore upgrade your relationships.

If you’re nodding your head to at least four of the items above, I can’t wait to meet you inside the Love Action Tribe.

Join the Love Action Tribe, 100% risk free!

No minimums. Cancel anytime. And 14-day money back guarantee!*

A Personal Note From Veronica

I know what it’s like to desire something so deeply, but have no idea why it hasn’t happened for you yet.

I know what it’s like to be dating, have another relationship bite the dust, and wonder to yourself “Why can everyone else figure this out but me?” “What am I doing wrong?”

I know what it’s like to be angry with yourself when you realized you lost yourself yet again with a guy.

I know what it’s like to see all your friends get married and have kids and you struggle just to get a damn date.

But I also know how to move through it and get to the other side, and I’d love to help you do the same.

I’ll be right by your side in the Love Action Tribe to help you find your perfect-for-you-partner. You can ask me your questions, pick my brain…basically, I’m happy to share my experiences and answer all your questions!

Ultimately, I’m going to help you define your own path to love so you can be in the RIGHT relationship for you.

When you join us today, not only will you be buzzing with excitement about doing something DIFFERENT to find love, you’ll have all the tools, resources, and support to make it happen.

To you finding wildly passionate love, Veronica

Join the Love Action Tribe, 100% risk free!

No minimums. Cancel anytime. And 14-day money back guarantee!*

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