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Let me ask you…


  • Do you feel like your life is pretty good, except when it comes to your love life?
  • Are you tired of ignoring the red flags from a new flame in the small (and secret) hopes that his feelings for you will change him only to have the relationship end because of those red flags?
  • Do you try not to obsess over your singleness, but you can’t help it each morning when you wake up to roll over and see the empty spot on your bed? 
  • Do you wonder to yourself, maybe you should let this part of your life go and just learn to be grateful for all that you do have?

What if instead…


  • You knew what your love blocks were so you can finally clear them so you can attract what you want?
  • The thought of dating and meeting new people sounded fun and exciting and didn’t fill you with dread?
  • You knew how to make decisions in love so that you effortlessly attract great potential matches and easily let the wrong ones go?
  • You could carry the confidence you feel in your work and other areas of your life to your love life?


You’re so tired of hoping this date will be different. Deep down, you know it won’t be, and you feel like you’re wasting your time. Where’s the romance? Where’s the connection? Where’s your perfect partner that all your friends seem to have found but you’re still desperately seeking?

I created this all for you.

Hi! I’m Veronica, and I’m the founder of the Love Action Tribe and a Love and Life Coach for smart, successful women who feel like they have it all, except love.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got everything in your life going for you. You’re smart, confident, and stay true to you. Yet, when it comes to love, you seem to throw all that away.

I was in my mid-twenties, and just finished grad school. For the first time in my life, I didn’t have an obvious next step or path to follow. So, I thought a man was my plan. (Secretly thinking that, of course.)

I thought a man would give me the security – financial, emotional, and social – that I craved.

Instead, my desperation to become ‘un-single’ had me latching onto any guy who gave me attention.

I ended up in the same dead end relationship over and over again.

Even after my now husband and I got serious, I had a tough few months because my life wasn’t magically “figured out” yet.

Finding real love isn’t about mastering online dating or texting or playing the game.

You know that if you focused on the things that really do matter when it comes to finding love, you could do it. But with all the advice out there, you feel more lost and confused than ever.

I’d LOVE to help you get things straightened out so that you can find the love you desire and deserve.

I’ve helped hundreds of women find love without giving up (or downplaying) their independence, beliefs, personality, or success to be attractive to someone, and I’d love to help you too!

Let me tell you from first hand experience, when you meet the one, it’s the worth the work and the wait. If this rings true for you, I invite you to join the Love Action Tribe!



If this is all resonating then you, my dear, are in the right place.

Introducing the Love Action Tribe

A membership community to help you stay true to yourself in ALL phases of love

The Love Action Tribe is a global community of growth-oriented women who are doing the work to attract a relationship where they’re wildly, passionately in love.

It’s a place to keep you focused and dedicated to your personal growth so you can attract a high caliber relationship. (Without having to constantly google every dating issue you run into or play down who you are to be more “palatable” to men.)

If you’re tired of being successful in all the other areas of your life except love, you’ll be in good company. 👯


Here’s what’ll happen after you join:

I'll help you create your Love Success Path

You’ll gain access to over a dozen of Love Lessons that’ll give you easy, digestible and implementable steps to make real change in your love life.

Assess where you are in love.

When you join, you’ll take my assessment to discover where you are on your Love Success Path. Whether you’re getting over an ex, not dating at all, dating, or figuring out the relationship you’re in, you’ll receive a step-by-step plan on what lessons to focus on in the Love Action Tribe. 

I’ll help you IMPLEMENT.

You’ll be partnered with an accountability buddy as you work towards love. (Optional!) You’ll also get access to me via monthly group Q&A calls and opportunities for additional 1×1 coaching at a special rate.

Continuous Support

You have support 24/7 through our private Facebook group! Got a burning question, need a pre-date pep talk, have a day where your ex is haunting you, or want us to take a peak at a text exchange? We’ve got your back!

Women we’ve helped:

“I’m now a “take me as I am” type of woman. And if others can’t take it, then I let go easily because that’s their problem. I no longer believe it’s my job to make someone like me, either we fit or we don’t.” – Erin S.

“I’ve found peace within myself, and I’m learning who I really am.” – Yoana P.

“I have finally realized how I want to feel in a relationship, that I was in love with the idea of my ex, and I continue to learn more and more about myself.” – Nadia T.

“I’d worked with Veronica before, so I wasn’t sure what this was going to be like. But it’s so worth it! I thought I’d already done some work on this, but it just keeps going deeper. Since being in the Tribe, I’ve been able to let go of men I was holding on to and discovered some sabotage patterns that were keeping me stuck.”

– Stacey W., Omaha, NE

“In my 6 weeks in the Love Action Tribe, I’ve really enjoyed connecting with women all over the world.

I Iove the weekly Love Action Challenges because they get you out of your comfort zone. I’ve tried new things, and started having a lot more fun in life like kayaking with friends, shopping, and doing reiki. I’ve also started healing some deep wounds.

One of the months we focused on sex and sexuality, and that was a month of deep healing. Having access to the prior months’ themes is also a great bonus.

I’m really glad I joined the Tribe and it’s definitely a part of my journey. I’m so glad I joined, and despite costing extra with currency conversion (my initial hesitation) it’s very worth it and a great value for money.”

– Nicole W., Sydney, Australia

How the Tribe gave Joanna what years of therapy couldn’t:

Joanna’s message to you:

All of this for just $35/month!

You get:

– Instant access to the full library of Relationship Theme trainings

– Weekly Love Action Challenges

– Monthly live Q&A call with Veronica

– Private community of other growth-oriented women who are dedicated to finding real love

– Locked in at $35/month, even if I increase the price later

– Seasonal Mixers to connect with other women in the Tribe

– Moonly Intention Setting Sessions

– Accountability partners (optional)

– Opportunity to come onto the Love Life Connection podcast to be coached 1×1 by Veronica

In the Love Action Tribe, I don’t really get caught up in the profiles, texting, or how you dress.


Sure, it *might* get you a date, but you don’t want to just get another date.

You want to find real love.

I believe the only way to find REAL love is to do the deeper work to discover the blocks, limiting beliefs, and fear that you keep you stuck.

And I’m tired of the patriarchal system that pegs women as the one to blame as to why she’s single, and that she has to be palatable and pleasing in order to find love.

If you are the type of woman that longs for a relationship, and more often than not, has everything else going for you in your life, I know it’s a struggle.

I know you’re tired of trying to do more, go on more dates, and conform to who you think you need to be to get someone to love you back.

You know you’re worth more than that. And that there’s something deeper to this whole relationship thing.

You’re willing to try something different, question everything you’ve been taught, and put the required work in.

You can find your soulmate without losing your soul.

You can choose to stay the course, choose love over fear, choose to keep empowering yourself, and choose to rise above.

And I want you to get started.


Right now, you have a sacred opportunity: An opportunity to connect with yourself, get to know yourself, and come home to YOU.

The Love Action Tribe gives you…

  • A community to learn, grow, and be with
  • An opportunity to enjoy connecting and getting to know yourself
  • The space to create a relationship with yourself so when you enter into a partnership with someone else you don’t get lost in the process

What’s included in your Love Action Tribe Membership?

Weekly Love Action Challenges

Each Monday, you’ll get a weekly challenge that’ll move you forward in love. These challenges take less than 30 minutes to do, and if you do them, you won’t be able to help but move closer to getting unstuck and finding love. #MakeMondaysFunAgain

Guest Experts and Master Classes

You’ll hear from guest experts or participate in a master class hosted by me to deepen your learning and connection with yourself. Past workshops have been: Connecting with Your Intuition, Soulful Money Class, Essential Oils 101, Astrology 101 and more.

Monthly Relationship Theme Trainings

You get access to an entire library of the past monthly mini trainings so you can focus on what YOU need. Past trainings have included getting over an ex, inner child work, talking about the tough stuff, creating an epic sex life and more! (See below.)

Moonly Wisdom

Living in sync with nature helps me to feel grounded and inspired. Each month, we’ll gather for a New/Full Moon circle to help you tune into your own innate wisdom so you can connect with who you really are.


Monthly Q&A Sessions

You can submit questions to Veronica, and once a month, she’ll hop on FB live to answer each question. You’re welcome to join live, or to listen back to your question at your own convenience.

Global Community

A private, safe, and sacred community of women to share, celebrate, and feel support that you can access 24/7 on Facebook.

Free Private Coaching Opportunities with Veronica

Tribe members get first dibs to get a free 30-minute coaching session with me that’ll air on my podcast, the Love Life Connection. There’s nothing like getting a laser coaching session to propel you forward in your life!

Seasonal Mixers

During each season, we’ll gather online to connect, share, and cultivate friendships. I’ll break you out into small groups with other members and you can discuss your progress, talk about life, and just get to know each other! #YayForNewBFFs

I’ve created the Love Action Tribe with busy professionals in mind. You won’t have to rearrange your life to fit this in.


Monthly Q&A Calls

About 60 minutes.

Monthly Full/New Moon Circle

About 45 minutes.

Weekly Love Action Challenges.

30 minutes or less.

Everything is recorded and available for you to listen to on the go.

Take a sneak peak at the membership area…

Click play to begin!

Here’s A Selection of The Relationship Theme Mini Trainings You Get Access To As Soon As You Sign Up…

And here’s what’s coming up for 2019

Veronica Grant Love Life CoachPlus, we’ll get to connect a lot more!

I’ll be right by your side in the Love Action Tribe to help you find your perfect-for-you-partner. You can ask me your questions, pick my brain…basically, I’m happy to share my experiences and answer all your questions!

I’d love to dive deep into how I’ve dealt with crippling anxiety, attracted men who were too drunk to pick me up on my dates, dated a guy who started a sentence with, “My next girlfriend…” and went on enough one date wonders from online dating to start a sitcom.

I’m here to share how I did it and how countless of private clients figured it out too.

We’ll also get the chance to work even deeper together if you come to one of my local events in Mill Valley or work with me in my mastermind.

Ultimately, I’m going to help you define your own path to love so you can be in the RIGHT relationship for you.

The Love Action Tribe is a place for you to land with other women who get it. You’ll expand in your life and experience things like:


Develop the courage to be vulnerable, EVEN if it means you might get rejected.


Take better care of yourself


Cultivate deeper relationships with yourself, friends, and with potential partners


Increase your productivity and focus at work and in life


Feel less stress and anxiety in dating and relationships.


Trust yourself to know if someone is being genuine and see red flags, and to act upon them (no more giving endless chances)

Come join us and get results like…

Before I joined the Love Action Tribe, I was worried about sharing my story with strangers. But the community has brought me a sense of belonging, clarity and peace. I’m so thankful for this amazing group of ladies and an amazing coach. I’m afraid I’d still be stuck and lost without this support and encouragement.

Marti J.

Corpus Christi, TX

“It is so worth it. Don’t ask yourself can you afford to pay for it, ask yourself if you can afford not to? Veronica has helped me see things that I couldn’t see with years of therapy. I love this group because it is truly about working loving yourself from the inside out in order to get the real love you want. It’s not about tricks to get or keep the man.

I have finally realized how I want to feel in a relationship, that I was in love with the idea of my ex, and I continue to learn more and more about myself.”

Nadia T.

Atlanta, GA

“Since joining the Tribe, I’ve been able to let some past hurts go; and I’m learning how to heal old wounds, set boundaries, and how to balance my feminine and masculine energy. This is an amazing group. I already feel better and lighter in just a couple of months.”

Lori R.

Ontario, CA

“I’ve found peace within myself, and I’m learning who I really am. I’m learning boundaries and self discipline in relationships. I finally achieved a connection with my inner child and healed old wounds and beliefs from childhood.
I have achieved a huge spiritual awakening since joining the Tribe and getting support from Veronica.

Joining the tribe is the best investment I’ve done this year, and the personal growth benefits are endless.

Thank you, thank you so, so much!! You have changed my life, you really have. You are amazing gifted human and have beautiful bright soul, embracing the feminine in every woman out there.”

Yoana P.

London, UK

“It’s so nice to have a place you can be so raw and real and be supported, and not judged. And given ideas but also just be heard.”

Carrie B.

Denver, CO

“Since joining the Tribe, I’ve been able to really let go of my ex and feel more joy on a daily basis because I’ve let go of some of my self judgment. I also first became aware of the self judgment I had. 🙂 I feel like I’m in tune with my feelings and motivations.

Healing and growth happen on a daily basis in this group. It’s not a seminar or a how-to book because that wears off. My participation in the Tribe through the challenges and calls, especially the moon phases, is my gift to myself. This is my gift to my future self, my family, and those around me as well.

I absolutely love the new moon and full moon calls. I bought some of the energy oracle cards and pull those from time to time. I feel so much freedom and growth from this group. So happy I discovered you. :)”

Sharon H.

Grand Rapids, MI

Since joining the Tribe, I’ve developed a whole new mindset. I’m way more positive, and it has really helped me realize that I alone need to make changes to get the results I want and need.

Specifically, I’ve been able to largely put to rest my abandonment issues I’ve had from a very young age. I no longer feel the need to sugarcoat who I am or hold back what I’m really feeling to make others feel safe with me.

I’m now a “take me as I am” type of woman. And if others can’t take it, then I let it go easily because that’s their problem. I no longer believe it’s my job to make someone like me, either we fit or we don’t. That may sound selfish, but really it’s the best feeling in the world!

If you’re considering joining the Tribe, I say, TAKE THE LEAP! If you’re already putting in the time to better yourself, this group will only help you succeed at getting to your happy place that much faster. I have made great strides at that since I started here. Am I perfect? Hell no, but I’m on the path and that’s ok.

Erin S.


I joined the Tribe as soon as I got the email without hesitation. Since then, I’ve been taking steps towards vocalizing what I want and need from others, and that’s allowing me to feel so free. The community is amazing and it’s a blessing to be able to be a part of it. And the best part is getting that email every Monday with the week’s Love Action Challenge!

Lola F

New York, NY

Plus, you get these bonuses…

Get Over Your Ex Mini-Training

In this mini training, I’ll help you get over an ex even if he was a jerk, you still love him, or it ended forever ago and you still can’t shake it.

Attract Your Soulmate Without Losing Your Soul

In this on-demand workshop, I’ll help you learn how to manifest your ideal relationship without compromising on your values or who you are.

Make It Work Online (Early Bird Bonus Only!)

In this on-demand workshop, I’ll help completely reimagine online dating so you actually (gasp!) enjoy it and attract high quality potential partners.

“Veronica is a master at guiding ambitious women to do some very important inner work, because ultimately, a woman’s relationship with a man will simply reflect her relationship with herself. I highly recommend her work to any woman who wants a dating mindset shift so she can actually start attracting the relationship she desires.”  – Casey B. Calgary, CA

All of this for just $35/month!

You get:

– Instant access to the full library of Relationship Theme trainings

– Weekly Love Action Challenges

– Monthly live Q&A call with Veronica

– Private community of other growth-oriented women who are dedicated to finding real love

– Locked in at $35/month, even if I increase the price later

– Seasonal Mixers to connect with other women in the Tribe

– Moonly Intention Setting Sessions

– Accountability partners (optional)

– Opportunity to come onto the Love Life Connection podcast to be coached 1×1 by Veronica

It's time to stop the pattern of turning to wine, retail therapy, and three ways with Ben and Jerry when you're down about your love life.

You can have your own Eat, Pray, Love moment so you can stay true to you in your next relationship.

You’ll Love the Love Action Tribe If You…

Know how to succeed in every area of your life, except love.

Know that finding real love goes much deeper than fixing up your profile (again) and know that taking a break from dating just to go date again to do the same thing isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Get excited at the thought of embracing this sacred chapter in your life to find YOU so you don’t lose yourself in your next relationship.

You want to stop ‘edu-taining’ yourself and are ready to roll up your sleeves to take real world action steps to find real love.

Are tired of using Netflix, wine, or a new pair of shoes as your “therapy.”

Are willing to look at your thoughts, beliefs, and past experiences differently so you can GROW from them rather than letting them hold you back (or pretending they don’t exist).

Desire to be part of a growth-oriented community of women you can talk about *this* kind of stuff with.

You’re done waiting to be rescued because you know you’ll be waiting a looong time.

Netflix or a new haircut aren't going to change your life or heal you from your ex. You actually have to do the deeper work to make that happen.

Frequently Asked Questions:

There are lots of other options out there, in fact, I’ve invested in some of them and didn’t get the change I was hoping for. What makes this different?

Unfortunately, I see a lot of other dating “experts” out there have their clients focus on the wrong things. Texting, online dating or what you wear will not make it or break it for you. I like to focus on the deeper issues that REALLY make the difference to who you attract like your inner child and how you learned to get love, safety and belonging as a child. Believe it or not, that’s showing up in your love life as an adult!

Keep in mind this isn’t a course, so you can focus on where you need support most, AND I’ve designed the community so we can personally support you through your unique circumstances. Plus, if you do find it’s not the right fit for you, you can cancel your membership with no strings attached.

How much does it cost?

The Love Action Tribe is a membership-based community, and to remain in the community, you’ll be automatically charged $35/month. Please note that if you discontinue your membership, you won’t be able to rejoin until I open up the Tribe again until late 2019.

Can I cancel?

You can cancel any time, no questions asked. There are no contracts or minimum amount of time you must spend in the Tribe. Though my guess is once you get in there, you’ll love it!

Can I pay annually?

At this time, joining at the monthly rate is your only option. We are looking into adding a possible annual option for the future.

I'm not even dating./I don't want to date right now. Is the Tribe for me?

Yes! Most of the challenges and what I coach on apply whether or you’re taking a dating break, figuring out a relationship, or just dating. As long as your big goal is to find love, you’ll love this community.

In fact, I find a lot of the women who come into the Tribe are either desiring a break from dating or I recommend they consider a break so they can do some deeper healing, regroup, and be in a brand new place when they DO date again.

I hardly have time to sleep! I’m not sure if I have time.

The monthly community coaching calls are 60 minutes, the New/Full Circles are 45 minutes and each week’s challenge will take no longer than 30 minutes (but likely much less).

So here’s some tough love: if you don’t have time for that, you probably don’t have time for a relationship. Healthy relationships absolutely take your time and energy.

It’s easy to use time as an excuse, but at the end of the day, that’s just what it is. If this is enough of a priority for you, you’ll find the time. Also, a lot of what I’ll support you in is to help you FREE up your time so you have more of it in your life.

I feel weird/shy about sharing my stuff with a bunch of strangers.

I hear you. A lot of women who are in the Tribe now told me that this was their biggest hesitation too. But, this community is so supportive that as soon as women joined the group and saw that love and support, that fear quickly faded away. Now, they’re not sure what they’d do WITHOUT that community.

Some women are in the Tribe and less involved with the Facebook and just enjoy consuming the trainings on their own. 

You do you!

I’m in my 50s, is everyone in your group in their 20s and 30s?

Absolutely not! Most women are between 35-45. We have Tribe members in their 20s (though to be frank, not many!), and members all the way up to their 60s. Some women have never been married, some are divorced, some have kids, and some don’t. As long as you desire a life long partnership, your age or status don’t matter!

What are the monthly themes/trainings?

Each week, you’ll receive a Love Action Challenge to complete based on that month’s theme. Those months’ themes are archived so you can refer back to them as long as you need. The monthly themes are designed to be simple and straight-forward action steps that don’t take you a lot of time to see big changes in your love life.  Past themes have included Nurturing Your Femininity, Mastering Making Decisions, Healing Your Inner Child, and more! 

I live in Europe/Australia, will this work for me?

Definitely! I designed the Tribe so that very few things are “live” so we don’t have to scramble with time zones. The moonly intention sessions are live, and I switch between going a day time session and evening session each month to accommodate as many time zones as possible. Plus, evening in the US/Canada is morning or lunch time in Australia, which makes joining one of our live calls easy!

Even if you don’t join us, I want you to know…

Finding real love has nothing to do with a great profile, a snazzy text, or sifting through emotionally unavailable men.

When you outsource your confidence, worthiness, or love, you set yourself up for crappy, unhealthy, and toxic relationships.

You can only attract a relationship as deep as the relationship you have with yourself.

Finding real love is about owning who you are, knowing you WILL be too much for some (but they aren’t your people), and knowing what you do and don’t want in love and life.

You are way more than just a woman looking for love. It’s time to own that and be the person you need to be to attract the love you want.

It's decision time!

I know what it’s like to desire something so deeply, but have no idea why it hasn’t happened for you yet.

I know what it’s like to be dating, have another relationship bite the dust, and wonder to yourself “Why can everyone else figure this out but me?” “What am I doing wrong?”

I know what it’s like to be angry with yourself when you realized you lost yourself yet again with a guy.

I know what it’s like to see all your friends get married and have kids and you struggle just to get a damn date.

But I also know how to move through it and get to the other side, and I’d love to help you do the same.

When you join us today, not only will you be buzzing with excitement about doing something DIFFERENT to find love, you’ll have all the tools, resources, and support to make it happen.

To you finding wildly passionate love,


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