Most people don’t know how to manifest. Worse, many people who teach how to manifest are full of it. Here’s the truth about manifesting love (or anything really):

Don’t get me wrong though. I’m all about manifesting.

I’ve manifested this community, our move to Denver, lots of things.

But I find the way manifesting is talked about is honestly some voodoo B.S.

Never mind the fact that most of those who teach how to manifest white, straight and cis-gendered and what works for them may not work for folks not in those privileged groups.

It’s like…

Let me tell the universe what I want, then I “forget” that I asked for it, then I shall receive.

And for bonus points, I’ll chant naked under the full moon!

Then, once I receive these things that I want to manifest, I’ll be happy because I have what I want.

This might seem like nonsense to you, but I’ve seen it.

Women who are so fed up with dating, and like almost a last ditch effort, decide they are going to write their perfect partner list down to the last detail, then let the universe work its magic.

Sorry, that’s not how manifesting works.

So let me ask you a question:

Let’s say I could see into the future and I had your perfect-for-you person sitting right next to me.

If I introduced them to you tomorrow, would you be ready? Like, really readdy?

Do you have space in your schedule for a relationship or do you always keep yourself busy?

Are you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually ready for that relationship?

Are you the person you need to be to receive the love you want? To have the relationship you want?

Here’s how to manifest:

More than anything, manifesting is about getting YOURSELF in a place to mentally, emotionally, and spiritually be ready for whatever you want to call into your life.

It’s basically aligning your inner world to what you want your outer world to look and feel like. But you gotta do the inner world stuff first.

I am constantly manifesting things into my life, but I’m not sitting under the full moon naked chanting mantras.

I ask myself who do I need to be or what do I need to do to have what I want to manifest, then I do those things.

More often than not, those things start coming to me.

But it’s not magic.

It’s actually a lot of work. It involves a lot of trust, faith, and elbow grease.

Think about it, if you approach dating from a bitter place, you distrust others, and assume their guilt until they can ‘prove’ their innocence, what kind of partners and relationships do you think you’ll be attracting?

Or, how would you feel if you could tell someone was measuring you up to some arbitrary standard they’ve created?

This is why perfect partners lists don’t work, and if you want a deep relationship, I suggest you get rid of yours.

Perfect partner lists put the burden on other people to live up to your arbitrary standards.

Instead of giving your power away to the Universe, or anyone or anything else, I recommend you start doing the deep work.

A great place to start is to discover what’s blocking you from the relationship you want. I have a free quiz that can help you do exactly that.

In my love block quiz, you’ll find your biggest love block, and I’ll send you a free guide to help you start removing your specific block.

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  1. Igone

    I so agree with you! I used to have this childish belief that manifesting was all about making lists with desires and then ask the universe to do the rest. Is not. You need to co-create! Do all you can to make it happen…and specially work on yourself. 😉
    Such an inspiring reading… thank you!

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