I work with women who have it all on the outside, but struggle in relationships. And they’ve gotten to a point where they’re asking themselves, “What now?”

I’m so sick of a dating culture that tells you you’re being too picky, you should smooth out your edges so you don’t scare a man off, or you should water down your accomplishments so you don’t intimidate a man.

And nothing makes me more upset when people say, “Good for you” when getting back ‘out there’ quickly after a breakup, without taking the time to process the relationship and its lessons.

Aren’t you?

Dating and relationships aren’t about muscling through or conforming.

As someone who struggled with relationships for years, it makes me furious that the very thing that got me out of my dating rut is the very thing people tell you not to do.

I’m a woman with goals, big ambitions, and I expect a lot from myself and the people I’m in relationship with. Yet for some people, that’s just too much.

“Don’t be so hard.”

“Give him a break.”

“You’re standards are too high.”

“You expect too much.”

And I say, enough is enough.

My personal goal as a relationship and life coach is to coach, inspire, and support women to love their life so much, that a man truly feels like the icing on top in our swipe right/swipe left world.


Because you aren’t too much, and if you truly want to be in a loving, authentic relationship, you definitely don’t have to tame yourself, smooth out your edges, or become more palatable.

That dims your light and makes it hard to truly love yourself and your life. And that hasn’t gotten you any closer to a meaningful relationship, has it?

The women in this community believe they don’t have to wait for a man to text, call, ask her out or have the DTR talk (Define The Relationship). Women are already paid $0.77 to the man’s dollar, and now we have to disempower ourselves in a relationship too?

I know the women here have big hearts, ideas, and goals and just need help reprogramming years of advice that suggests asking for too much makes you a bitch or needy.

Here, we support women who are ready to stop the fight against their bodies because they know deep down their weight doesn’t mean they have to settle for less.

They’re ready to stop believing that they’re being too picky, that they have to be someone else, or that if a man needs them, they won’t leave them.

The Love-Life Connection is here to help you stop apologizing for and justifying shitty behavior from a man.

We’re here to hold you accountable to yourself, and no, I’m not going to let you cop out and blame the city you live in, online dating, or the entire male gender.

Because being in a relationship with yourself and with a romantic partner is a spiritual and personal growth journey, and it’s my job to hold you to that.

And it’s time to stop with the lie that you’re okay with being single, because deep down, you know you crave that connection.

You don’t need a man, but it’s okay to want one.

Falling in love with yourself and your life is the only way to find lasting love with someone — and if you don’t have love or haven’t had a healthy relationship, it means the life part of the equation still needs work.

That’s the type of woman I love to serve.

If you are the type of woman that longs for a relationship, and more often than not, has everything else going for you in your life, I know it’s a struggle. I know that you’re tired of trying to do more, go on more dates, and conform too you think you need to be to get someone to like you back.

You know you’re worth more than that. And that there’s something deeper to this whole relationship thing.

The is here to help you find and keep your perfect-for-you relationship without losing your soul.

This community is about choosing to stay the course, choosing love over fear, choosing to keep empowering yourself, and choosing to rise above.

That’s what I’m here to do, and in the comments below, let me know that you’re here, and you’re going to choose love over fear



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