I used to fit in a full time job, teaching 5-6 yoga classes a week, exercise, grocery shopping, and cooking in every week. And somehow I still had time to be social + sleep 8 hours most nights.

I had my routine + schedule down to a science. Or at least a really complicated math problem.

I used to cram it all in. But that left me tired, drained, and stressed.

And worse, since I was tired, drained, and stressed, the weekend would come + I would eat a ton + not move far from the couch. I literally reversed everything I did during the week in less than 48 hours.

After living like that for a long time, I had to ask myself…was it worth it? I was only living for the weekend, and I was tired. All the time.

My quest for health was the very thing that kept me from truly experiencing health. And I think a lot of women believe that being healthy requires a big time commitment.

You’re in for a pleasant surprise.

Sure, you could go to the gym every day. Cook a healthy gourmet meal every day. You could do your meditation, breath work, and mantras every day, too.

But you certainly don’t have to.

I hope this is a sigh of relief since I’m sure post-Labor Day we’re all knee-deep back in our routines + normal lives. So when life gets busy + you start to put yourself {and your health} on the backburner, I wanted to share some things I do to stay healthy, even when life gets busy:

1. Forget the ‘all or nothing.’

I’m not sure where the all or nothing comes from. But since when did we forget that something is better than nothing?

Have you ever believed since you don’t have time to ‘do’ your diet today, you’ll just skip today or wait to start next week when things are ‘less busy?’ 

Momentarily overlooking the concept of dieting for now {I hate diets because they aren’t sustainable.}, why is it all or nothing?

Why does 1 cookie, or one unhealthy meal have to throw us into a downward spiral of self-sabotage? So what. You had a carb. Honestly. Get over it + move on.

Something is always better than nothing. You can always be one healthy snack away from a better mood. One 10-minute walk in lieu of your 90-minute spin class is better than sitting at your desk stressed because you can’t make it to spin.

The next time you’re ready to throw the towel in because you can’t do something you wanted to commit to 100%, what can you do instead?

Life gets busy. Kids are stressful + work is hard. Unless you have a trust fund + can quit your job + hire help tomorrow, that’s probably not going to change.

Instead of trying to change what you can’t change or being angry about your situation {There may be a lot more in your control than you think, but more about that later…}, you can change your attitude about the habits + routines that you wish you did better or more of.

Perfection is the enemy of progress.

If your goal is to exercise 5 days a week, drink a green smoothie every day, or cook a healthy meal once a day, that’s great.

But once your week becomes hectic + you can’t get in as many workouts, green smoothies, or healthy meals as you wanted, don’t let your perfectionism stop you.

Be nice to yourself. Acknowledge that you have a lot to do. You’re busy. And your f**king tired. Cooking 1 healthy meal a week is still better than 0.

Don’t let perfection stand in the way of your progress. Tell yourself you’re doing enough. You are enough.

2. Plan ahead

Taking 30 minutes on Sunday evening to plan your week pays you back in your health + time by a lot. Pencil in when you’ll find movement, when you’ll cook, and grocery shop.

Be sure to also include time to relax + to indulge a little so you aren’t completely drained by the weekend.

If you can cook 2-3 recipes at once, then when you have to work late, you’ll have a healthy meal to come home to.

If you pencil in your yoga class rather than keep it in your head, you’re more likely to commit to it.

Once you’ve drafted your schedule for the week, refer back to #1. Yes, if you got to do everything, then good for you! But if by Tuesday you’re not able to keep up, just keep going. Don’t throw out the rest of your week because you missed your yoga class on Tuesday night.

Don’t hold yourself to perfection.

3. Feel better

This one is my favorite. Especially when we start to get stressed + busy, our good feelings go out the window. And yes, maybe you can’t make your regular spin class, and you leave work at 8:30pm with no dinner already made.

But you CAN put yourself in an emotional place to make better choices. You can:

-Walk around the block for 10 minutes.

-Sit, close your eyes + breathe for 5 minutes.

-You can repeat an affirming mantra until you start to feel better. To get mantra ideas, check this out. {I never believed in the power of thought + affirmations until I read this. Now I can’t get enough.}

And finally, here’s the most important point:

Even if you do all the healthy things: You cook, you exercise, you meditate, you stick to your schedule 100%. If you feel crappy, then you aren’t getting all the benefits of what you’re doing. Then you have to ask…if you’re not getting all the benefits, why are you stressing out about getting it all in?

It’s way better to walk for 10 minutes + feel good about yourself than go to a 60-minute spin class + feel crappy.

Because if you feel crappy after spin, you’ll still want a cookie or a glass of wine when you get home.

Put yourself in an emotional position to make better choices.

In our private Facebook group, I’d love to know what you do to stay healthy when you get busy. Please share so that we can all get new ideas + inspiration.



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