Bring the Money Making Strategy Into Your Woo-Based Business

You started your business because you felt a deep calling to bring the work you are doing into the world.

You’ve got dreams and desires you’ve yet to express in your work, but you’re getting caught up in the business part of having a business.

Figuring out Facebook ads, launch strategies, how to consistently build your list and create systems is overwhelming, completely uninteresting to you, and leaves you drained when you do try to figure it out.

You’re on social media, but not sure how it can help you launch your offering. You struggle with knowing what copy converts and your messaging so your prospects know what they need to know before they can buy.

And you don’t even want to think about how much money you’ve wasted on FB ads and logging into Google Analytics gives you the hives.

But you know this is the stuff that’s holding you back from the impact you could be making. Both in the world and on your bottom line.

The truth is, there’s SO much information is out there.

It’s not even about knowing what’s “good” or “bad” info (that’s a whole other can of worms). Just trying to figure out what applies to you and your unique business, and what doesn’t can feel like a full time job.


This is the part in a sales letter where most people would say,

“I get it.”

“I’ve been there before.”

“This is my before and after.”

But that’s not my story.

When it comes to systems, structure, and strategy, I was born this way.

Hi, my name is Veronica Grant, and in my “other” business I’m a Relationship Coach for smart, successful women who have it all but love.

I’m happily married to that business, but I’ve also got this side relationship going on: Sacred Business Systems, Structures, and Strategies.

While that stuff makes most people want to poke their eyes out, it’s a guilty pleasure of mine.

And I’ve always been this way:

  • When my parents took me out of school for a family vacation, I had all my homework done without my parents asking before we even left for the trip.
  • At age 12, I came up with and implemented the allowance system we used in my family growing up. (I plan on using the same system with my own kids, and I’d love to tell you about it!)
  • By the age of 14, I had budgeted and saved enough of my own allowance and babysitting money my mom freaked out when I told her I had almost $5K in cash in my room.
  • In college, I reverse engineered all my papers so I knew exactly what I needed to do down to the day so I could have them done AT LEAST a week early.
  • I opened up a 401k and Roth on my first day of my first full time job and have been very carefully tracking my numbers ever since.

The point?

I was born this way, and when it comes to systems, structure and strategy, I’m obsessed

(And yes, I’m a Capricorn and an ISTJ, if you were wondering.)

Veronica is a systems + structures genius! As an entrepreneur, there are so many hats that we wear, constantly shifting between all the different responsibilities we hold on a daily basis. The work Veronica offers the world provides a perfect solution to the technical side of your success in business, which tends to feel pretty overwhelming when it’s not your zone of genius!
Working with Veronica is like saying “yes” to staying in your mastery and allowing her brilliance to shine in your business so you don’t have to peel through information to find the exact golden nugget that will work for your unique business. I highly recommend hiring her for your next launch, a specific project in your business, or just to reveal the pathways in your business that would lead to greater financial gains.
Emily Cassel

Women's Leadership + Business Coach,

When I coach my relationship clients, I talk a lot about balancing feminine and masculine energy. I have a lot of masculine energy, but I used to think it was ‘bad’ that I have so much and not enough feminine.

I even used to jokingly call myself OCD. But the truth is, my “OCD-ness” has provided me a lot of freedom: I used that money I saved when I was a teen to go on a peer trip to Australia.

Because I reverse engineered my paper writing in college, I never missed a good party or a basketball game (go Carolina!) because I planned around it.

Taking my personal finance seriously from day 1 of my first full time job allowed me to have the money later to invest in starting my business (and to pay for trips to Brazil, Guatemala, and Tanzania).

In other words, for the freedom, creativity and feminine to flow in my life and business, there had to be a strong masculine structure.

After I started my relationship coaching business, I noticed I was seeing a lot of success when my peers weren’t, even though I knew they were gifted and doing amazing work in the world.

I also had this moment when I realized… “You mean not everyone loves geeking out over launch plans and FB ads?!”

This part of me that I thought was “OCD” was a gift (and also, a guilty pleasure…) and I feel a deep responsibility to help other woo bosses more effectively and efficiently get their message, product and services out to the world.

If you’ve been in business for a while, you know that creativity, your message, and talent, basically, the feminine qualities, isn’t enough to create a business that supports you financially.

Infusing the sacred masculine (as opposed to the shadow masculine – control, rigidness, anger) creates a space for your work to flow through you and into the world so when prospects land on your site, they understand what you do, how you do it, and how they can get support from you.

A sacred masculine structure in your business allows you to have a business that supports you rather than drains you.

It allows you to optimize the content and work you’re putting out into the world.

It gives you your time and sanity back, and ultimately, helps your bottom line too.


Sacred Structures, Systems and Strategy for Woo-Based Businesses

In my main business, I’m a good relationship coach because I’m teaching what I need to learn myself in my own life. I don’t think I’d be much of a relationship coach if I’d met my sweetheart in high school.

But I do believe that my ability to plan, organize, and strategize is a huge reason I’ve seen so much success so quickly in my relationship coaching business.

I’m good at what I do, but I’m also really good behind the scenes.

Because let’s be real: selling the POSSIBILITY of love is a hard sell. It’s not tangible, and people want certainty and proof.

But I’ve been able to sell online courses, spots in masterminds, and 1x1 coaching programs to non-business owning women who don’t “get” the online business world.

I’ve worked with women who originally didn’t understand why a coach costs thousands while therapy is a $30 copay. I’ve sold online courses to women who’d never been on a webinar before and still thought online businesses were scammy.

When it comes to creating launch plans, email sequences, list growth and content strategy, FB Ads, Google Analytics, and more, I want to get down in the weeds with you.

I could look at Google Analytics all day, I love some quality time in the FB Ads manager, and creating launch and email sequences is just as good as a Gilmore Girls binge.

I want to bring my Capricorn self into your business either for a VIP day together or on an ongoing basis to help you create strategies and plans for a specific project so that you can focus more on doing the work you love and serving your clients without being sifting through the tips, tricks, and strategies.

 Examples of projects I can help you with:

Create a list growth plan beginning with your freebie all the way to your welcome email sequence so you attract high quality leads, get them hooked from the beginning, and turn them into paying clients

Reviewing Google Analytics with you so you can make more informed decisions about freebies, content to create, and how to get more people coming onto your site

Strategy around 1×1 clients. You don’t have to sit around and wait for a 1×1 application to come in. I can help you build a system so you can quickly get more clarity calls scheduled, have effective sales calls, and a smooth onboarding process.

Soulful Business Plan. I can help you create a business plan that feels soul-FULL rather than soul-sucking so you can actually reach your impact and income goals over a given period of time.


Develop a launch plan including building an effective email sequence, sales page, preview events, and a communication/social media strategy that works together and builds the story of your launch so people are more likely to buy

A website review so your home page, about page, and work with me page convert into more leads and clients

Creating a Facebook ad strategy. Whether you want to have ongoing Facebook ads for continuous list growth or create ads for a specific launch or promotion, I can help you test and tweak so you know what you’re doing, your ad costs are lower and you attract high quality leads

Event doula. I can help you bring a live event into the world. Yes, I can take care of all the planning. As a coach myself, once your clients are there, I can organize the logistics AND be a holder of space so your event feels extra special for your attendees.

And more! As it relates to creating systems, structures, and strategies in your business

Please note that I’m not a business coach, which I see as more of a mentor role.

Rather, I’ll be more like your Capricorn COO and your ISTJ business partner so you can create a strong masculine foundation in your business so your creativity and work can flourish so you can attract more paying clients and customers.


Ready to bring the Capricorn to your business? There are two ways I work with business consulting clients:

Veronica is such a whiz at strategy and systems. Her expertise in the “Sacred Masculine” of business has been a game-changer for me. Since it comes so easily to her, I feel FREE to create and focus on serving the needs of my community. Hire her for a project in your business because you won’t regret it.

Norma Rubio

Meditation Teacher & TV Producer,

Ready to bring the Capricorn to your business? There are two ways I work with business consulting clients:

Who is this program perfect for?

  • Established business owners who have clients, but want to make a bigger impact
  • Business owners who love their work, but get overwhelmed (and even avoid) the business side of business
  • You know you have a gift, but you’re having a hard time selling your “woo,” especially when your benefits and promises are intangible
  • You want clearer copy and strategy around the offering you sell (or the offering you want to sell)

This program is not a great fit for you if:

  • You’re still coming up with a business idea and/or you have no idea who you serve
  • You don’t want me to help you with strategy, you want me to do the work for you (hire a VA and a copywriter if that’s the case!)
  • You want me to manage or help you with your business finances (please hire a bookkeeper and/or a CPA)
  • You’re not interested in sacred systems, structures and strategies in your business


What’s the difference between you and a business coach?

Well, I guess these terms are all subjective, but I see my role as very much a partner in your business, whereas a coach will be more of a mentor to you. For example, I won’t help you discover your Ideal Client, but I WILL help you create sequences and strategic content so your Ideal Client will want to buy from you.

Will you do the work for me?

Yes and no. I’ll help you create strategic plans and content that’ll convert, but I don’t do the work for you. For example, I may give heavy edits on your sales page or landing page, but I won’t create it for you. If you opt for the retainer package, if agreed upon, I may take an active role in coordinating the projects and tasks with your VA, designer, etc.

Do you take retainer clients?

Yes, but again, it’s very limited. We’ll discuss your needs and my pricing on the phone.

Why do you keep talking about Capricorns and ISTJ’s?

According to, ISTJ’s “…don’t make many assumptions, preferring instead to analyze their surroundings, check their facts and arrive at practical courses of action. Logistician personalities are no-nonsense, and when they’ve made a decision, they will relay the facts necessary to achieve their goal…”

And according to, “Capricorns are the master strategists and CEOs of the zodiac, who always keep one eye on a five- or ten-year plan. Under the influence of a Capricorn, we’ll feel more motivated to take on our biggest goals and create structures in our lives that will last the test of time.”

Do you take payment plans?

Yes. However you’ll pay less by paying all up front. We’ll discuss payment options during our Initial Consult. Please know that a 20% deposit is required to reserve your spot on a waitlist.

Do you provide accommodations if I choose an in person VIP day?


I don’t cover any travel expenses or insurance, but I do cover:

All three meals on your VIP day, breakfast the next day, and a special spa treatment. 🙂

What's the difference between you and a VA?

A VA takes direction from you or someone like me, and doesn’t hold the reins, so to speak. Please note that I’m not your VA, and I don’t do things like uploading pictures, podcasts, social media scheduling, website tech, customer service, or community management. I will help coordinate those tasks and make sure they get done, but if those are the tasks you want me to do, this won’t be a good fit.

Can we do the VIP Day then book you on retainer?


Sweet! This sounds good! How do I sign up?

So glad you’re ready to do this! Please fill out the form below to get your application and link to schedule your Initial Consult.

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