Private Yoga

You are ambitious, goal-oriented, and probably a bit of a perfectionist. You are proud of these traits, but sometimes, they get the best of you.

Right now, you’re stressed, time-crunched, and a little frantic. Work, your family, and the day-to-day have you pulled in a million directions.

Spending money, much less TIME on yourself makes you feel guilty. Even though you know it can help.

Something’s gotta change. You’re exhausted + tired living off fake energy {caffeine + sugar} and counting down to the weekend {only to run errands and “catch up” on work}.

You think {or maybe you know} yoga can help, but you’re turned off by some of the new age-y stuff you see out there. You need tangible tips, tools, and skills to apply to your busy, modern lifestyle to help you slow down, destress, and stay more present in your work + life.

{You also live in Dallas, TX :)}

I teach busy professionals how to slow down, end overwhelm, and design a life of more pleasure + less guilt so they can be more productive at work + present in their life.



We might be a perfect fit for each other if…

You can physically feel the effects of constant stress on your body. Your joints are stiff, you have frequent, unexplained headaches, and you can’t get your mind to stay still. You know this isn’t you, but you don’t know how to make it better.

You’re interested in learning about yoga or digging deeper into your current practice, but you’re turned off by new age-y, koombaya jargon.

You want a teacher that can relate to your ambitious, goal-oriented, and perhaps perfectionist personality. Your ideal teacher would create sequenced 100% for you, and keeps a watchful eye on alignment so that you can practice each pose safely + effectively.

You live in Dallas, Texas!

I’m Veronica Grant, a private yoga teacher + health coach based in Dallas. But what I REALLY do is help busy professionals design a life of more pleasure + less guilt through private yoga + health coaching.

I’ve been everywhere on the health pendulum, from working out hard at the gym every day and counting calories, to a high stress job where I worked 90 hours a week, hardly exercised and ate fast food a lot of the time.

But no matter the side of the pendulum I was on, I was stressed, all.the.time.

Relaxing + taking time to “do nothing” was out of the question for me. I only went to the hardest yoga classes + left before savasana {who has that kind of time for a “nap”?!}

My stress became a constant, negative energy that burned straight through my stamina and many of my relationships.

But then I got serious with my yoga practice. And everything changed.

My work matters because a bad habit of dieting + running around from place to place is no way to live. And I’m here to remind you being healthy and practicing self care can be a guilty pleasure. 

Yoga can help you get here. It’s worked for me, and under my watchful eye, I know it will for you too.

What you can expect if you work with me…

A dedicated teacher who creates personalized sequences + homework assignments to help you deepen your practice. I can meet you at your home, office, or favorite park.

Health coaching sessions where I’ll help you kick your diet habit, and design a life of more pleasure + less guilt, one forkful at a time.

The tools, skills, and knowledge to be more productive, mindful, and present in your work + life.

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