Clients' Success Stories

……As a Love and Life Coach, nothing lights me up more than seeing my clients’ successes.

And success comes in all sorts of looks and flavors.

When we work together, I know you’ll have goals for yourself, and I also strongly encourage you to expect the unexpected.

Here’s just a taste of the unexpected:

– Impromptu marriages at the courthouse!

– Epic vacations her new love

– The confidence to quit her job and pursue another passion

– Creating a side business for a talent she didn’t even knew she had

– Moved to a new country

– Lost weight and found a place where healthy meets happy

– Asked the guy out!

– Finally left an unhealthy relationship

-Got pregnant unexpectedly with her love and decided to start a family

– Went on a date for the first time in a looooooong time…


…I could keep going, but instead, I’ll let you hear their stories for yourself….

Working with Veronica was an excellent choice for me! At first, I was hesitant about the cost but it turned out to work out in the end. I would even say it was priceless to change my perspective this much.

Most exciting is that I’m in a healthy relationship with potential. Both in and out of the relationship, I actively notice old patterns showing up and I now have tools to deal with them instead of continuing on with self sabotaging ways. I’m able to make sense of the choices I made in the past and recognize what I need in order to make different choices now. Also, I was completely in the dark about my poor boundary-setting skills, and now I practice setting boundaries in all areas of my life.  

I grew to really like the in between session Voxer support because it was advice in real time. When life was confusing me, Veronica brought clarity and helped me feel empowered when I felt helpless. Of course, I liked the inner child work. Although its hard and uncomfortable, I feel like I’m actually rewiring the way my mind reacts to “problems,” or what I perceive to be problems. 

I think we’ve all read at least a handful of self help books, but whether others have the advice they need or not, having a coach walk the path with you and point out just what you’re doing and what you might do instead, makes all the difference. 


New York, NY

Listen to how coaching was the perfect next step to Mindy’s therapy:

I met Jason!

We met a year ago July when I was in Colorado, and started dating in November. He lives in the metro-Detroit area, 308 miles door-to-door, which has been good for taking things slowly and building a solid foundation.

He is very different than the men I had been choosing over the past decade, which has been a VERY good thing (as you are well aware!) Checking in on the lessons I have learned in the Love Incubator, and from your Podcasts, have really helped me to be my authentic self, be honest with him and helped us work through some things that have come up that historically I would have handled very differently.

In other words, I drank the kool-aid and it’s worked!! I chose this person based on reality, not fantasy. I continue down the path with him based on our authentic selves. I have been reconciling my ideas of love vs reality in my head as we move through the progression of dating life. And it has been eye-opening and wonderful! I am finally starting to understand what it might look like and how to navigate real love.

Thank you for your help in my journey! 💝

– Stacey W, Chicago


“I’m a single mom with two girls, and even though I knew working with Veronica was something I truly wanted to do, I hesitated because of the money. After that fleeting thought, I followed my gut knowing this was for me. Veronica had a good vibe and I had listened to her podcasts (repeatedly) throughout the Date Yourself Challenges.

One of the greatest things I learned from Veronica was to identify my needs within a relationship and what that feels like. I was able to forget what my head was telling me, and stayed clear during a date. I focused on how the date made me feel vs. what they looked like on paper.

I really changed my expectations of any date that I went on. I looked at what I could learn about the other person or about myself. My goal each date was to have fun. That totally took a lot of pressure off of me about finding “the one”. It allowed me to be present and not as nervous during the date. I was being my authentic self because I very clear about who I was, what I wanted to feel and I was confident with what I brought to the table. I was happy and fulfilled with myself.

I would try and be more conscious and aware of what I needed to do to make myself feel loved and appreciated. I am more aware of my own needs and ways that I can fulfill my own needs without looking at a partner to fill those needs for me.

I would recommend everyone take this course: married, single, or dating. There are aspects of the course that are so transferable for individual growth and development. Veronica is down to earth and has an amazing approach to dating. I loved that she doesn’t really sugar coat things, and she tells it how it is.

Plus, I met my husband while I was working with Veronica!”

– Kaeli Y, Ontario, Canada


Sara shares her epic journey from people pleaser to married and in love in this episode of the Love Life Connection.

Ready for your transformation?

I work with clients privately so I can meet you where you are, and guide you through the entire process. Your first step is to schedule an Introductory Coaching Call with me.

I was really unhappy with my romantic relationships in my life, I felt stuck in my patterns and could not break them. I purchased multiple programs from different dating coaches. Even though I liked them I did not feel any difference in my life. I came through Veronica on one of these free online week webinars with different dating coaches. I got instantly hooked when Veronica talked about the inner child work. At that time I was convinced I must have some subconscious beliefs from my childhood I needed to uncover.  I contacted Veronica, we had our initial call and felt we clicked right away 🙂 . I was a bit hesitant though due to the price but I felt inside I needed to go for it.

I was totally anxious and could not get over one particular guy, actually this one was my big push to go for coaching in the first place. Veronica helped me uncover the reasons I may be holding onto him and couldn’t let go. That was my big win.

Another big win for me is how I perceive myself in relation to others, that I matter – e.g. in new groups of people.

My biggest surprise we came to during the coaching was my career. I wanted to quit my 9-5 job for over a year now and start my own business but I just didn’t feel ready, it did not feel anywhere close. I knew I would get there, but to my biggest surprise it is actually happening now, a big career change (even the field is totally different). I signed up for a course and actually getting my office (at home) prepared 🙂 (I did not quit my job yet but is a matter of 2-3 months).

I still don’t have a partner, I keep on dating. I wasn’t aware how stuck I have been in my life all together, but I am moving forward one step at a time and Veronica helped me a lot along the way. I am very grateful for this coaching experience and there wasn’t a minute I would regret this investment. I honestly recommend Veronica’s one on one coaching program.

Erika C.


I’d been single for 4 years after a 23 year marriage. I had so much baggage standing in the way of a healthy relationship. But when I joined the Love Action Tribe, I fell in love with me. I focused on me. I stopped waiting on someone to meet my needs. I bought flowers when I wanted them. I did the work.

I walked through the healing of the wounds that had brought me where I was. I started finding and doing fun things, sometimes alone. The support of the Love Action Tribe held me up in those lonely moments and helped me refocus.

Then I met my cowboy.

He asked me out on a date. He was such a gentleman. He felt like “home”.

He and I have been in awe of the alignment in our lives and how we came together. His house matches almost to a “T” the pictures on my vision board. This relationship feels so different than anything I’ve ever experienced. I have a peace to just enjoy and a strange but beautiful detachment to the outcome. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Marti J

Corpus Christi, TX

My biggest challenge prior to joining the program was actually blocking off time to envision what I’m looking for in a relationship + how I want that relationship to make me feel. I’ve had been meeting new people + going on dates, I hadn’t been intentional about who I was meeting or spending time with.

Veronica’s Relationship Visioning Session helped me do just that. She helped me discover + pinpoint how I want my next relationship to make me feel, and then encouraged me to do small things for myself every day to feel the way I want to feel. This has been huge. I no longer waste time with guys who I know can’t provide what I need or want in a relationship.

The Dating Mindset Bootcamp also helped me to uplevel my radical self-care plan. Consistently giving to myself has made me feel more full + whole, which I’m convinced will help me attract a partner who adores + appreciates all of my qualities + quirks, and truly treats me the way I want to be treated.

Veronica is a master at guiding ambitious women to do some very important inner work, because ultimately, a woman’s relationship with a man will simply reflect her relationship with herself.

“Treat yourself the way you want to be treated” is a perfect tagline to describe what Veronica helps her clients to do. I highly recommend her program to any woman who wants a dating mindset shift so she can actually start attracting the relationship she desires.

Casey B. Calgary, CA

Before working with Veronica, I was disappointed in guys + dating generally. I had stopped trusting them + myself to make the right decision on who to date. With each new relationship I would tell myself I wouldn’t lose “me” again but as it progressed I would and also become resentful of who I was dating.

Veronica kept me accountable to stay true to who I am as I started dating again after a bad breakup. In fact, I didn’t even realize how much my ex was holding me back until Veronica pointed that out to me. She helped me to be learn where my boundaries are + the blocks I failed to see that contributed to my last failed relationship. I used to see red flags very early on in dating guys, but I usually ignored them because I really wanted to be in a relationship. Veronica helped me to stay true to myself.

Now, I can foresee potential problems + red flags earlier, and act on them effectively, whether it’s easily letting a guy go or communicating with them about my concern. I no longer will settling with a guy just because of concerns over my age or biological clock.

In the end, I learned how to love myself again. I no longer stay in relationships with the wrong guys because now I truly love myself + know I deserve more. I have already recommended Veronica to others so that they learn what is blocking them from a healthy relationship. I truly feel like love is on its way for me + I finally have the tools to attract + accept the love I desire. Thanks Veronica!


Ready for your transformation?

I work with clients privately so I can meet you where you are, and guide you through the entire process. Your first step is to schedule an Introductory Coaching Call with me.

Before the Dating Mindset Bootcamp, my biggest challenges were attracting guys I was interested in and feeling safe to be vulnerable in a relationship.

Although I’m in a relationship, the Dating Mindset Bootcamp taught me ways I could bring so much more happiness into the relationship for us.

I learned ways I could be more vulnerable with my current partner, which was been so helpful for our relationship. I also realized how my lack of vulnerability may have been emasculating – and thus alienating – past partners. This was huge for me to see my role in my past failed relationships.

I also loved, and was pleasantly surprised by how holistic this dating course was. This course wasn’t about how to play the dating game or how to write a perfect guy list then going to find him. It’s about being able to prioritize what is actually important to you (rather than what you think should be important), traits of your ultimate relationship (rather than your ultimate partner), and how to actualize those desires through lifestyle shifts.

Veronica also shows you how create your dream relationship, even if you’re already in a relationship. I feel a lot happier and more balanced, because I’m getting the things that I want and need. Of course, my partner finds that attractive and, and he no longer feels like he has to read my mind to figure out what’ll make me happy.

I think this program is perfect for women who are prepared to take responsibility for her own contributions to a relationship, and who aren’t afraid to take responsibility for their own happiness.

Kristen T., Dallas, TX

Before the Dating Mindset Bootcamp, I dated the same emotionally unavailable men over + over. I even continued dating them when I knew they couldn’t give me what I needed from the relationship. This made me dread dating. I saw it as a huge stressor that required a lot of energy + often left me drained.

The best part of the Bootcamp was dating myself.

It’s given me a reason to do things that make me happy in a relationship for myself. I’ve also been able to better prioritize my time – which makes it all the more valuable to a guy when I make time for him. I’m also better about getting outside my comfort zone + accepting dates with guys I typically wouldn’t. I still haven’t met someone special, but I love how I see each date as a potential opportunity rather than something to stress out about. I still have some inner work to do around my intuition, but I would recommend this program to anyone who has trouble prioritizing themselves in relationships.

Jennifer A. Dallas, TX

Before I worked with Veronica, I was single and not dating. I actually hadn’t dated anyone in a very long time. But over the past several months I’ve been getting out there and been going on dates. And actually, I’ve had some really good dates!

I know that I have changed. I think there has been a shift in me because suddenly I’m going on a lot of great first dates. Though they might not lead into a relationship, it is a new feeling that I’m experiencing which is pretty cool!  I’m more relaxed and concentrating on who this person is and if I want to keep hanging out with them, rather than wanting them to like me and be in a relationship with me. I used to have a scarcity mentality that this man had to like me because he was the only one. But, now I know that that isn’t true.

I get out of my comfort zone more by facing my fears. One major fear I have is actually being happy. It seems crazy because that’s what I’ve always wanted, but I’ve noticed that I’m not afraid of being happy, but of what it takes to get there, especially having to be so vulnerable and open with a partner.

I’ve learned this with your support, which helps me to be more of myself on dates. I’ve been honest when something doesn’t feel good, and when a guy “ghosts” I let him go and do not blame myself because I was myself and that is most important. No relationship yet, but honestly, I’m more hopeful now than I was before!

Lauren G., San Francisco, CA

After working with Veronica, I finally had the courage to ask for what I needed with the guy I was seeing.

I’m usually frustrated dating men + not being on the same page + wanting different things. He was coming to visit again, and I said if you’re just looking for one thing I’m not your girl because I’m looking for more than hookups in my life. It felt GOOD to open up the conversation, and it turns out, he felt the same way!

I’m still exploring where this relationship will go, but this feels so good for me right now! I screenshotted the entire conversation I had with him because going out on a limb like this was so epic for me.

Lauren R. San Diego, CA

Ready for your transformation?

I work with clients privately so I can meet you where you are, and guide you through the entire process. Your first step is to schedule an Introductory Coaching Call with me.

I cannot even imagine where things would have been had we not worked together. I am rounding 30 and I’ve accomplished more than I could ever ask for. I found my faith again by working with you and that is priceless. ALSO– IT IS OK TO CHILL OUT– I am so type A and want everything done yesterday. I learned to have confidence in myself as a daughter, friend and nurse.

The best thing about working with Veronica was her ability to still keep things light even when we were working on some really hard things. I think the tough love was important because I do not usually do well with criticism especially when it is from someone I know. This really helped me to realize I am not alone.

Overall, the last year and a half has been life-changing!

Katy P.

New York

I loved dating myself, and see it as an important step before getting back into the dating scene. During one of the dates, I realized a big a-ha moment:

I’d been playing the victim card, which kept me out of the dating scene for 2 years.

I’ve been so much happier, and I put way less stress on myself, and started putting myself first! I realized I was very short-sighted before. I compared myself to my friends’ relationships, and even to the unrealistic relationships portrayed in movies. I have a completely new outlook to dating, and know that my future husband is out there waiting for me.

Courtney Y. San Diego, CA

For several months now, I have started to feel way under appreciated at my job. When I started in the position a year and a half ago, it was much more reasonable to make the small very entry level salary that I did. However, as my annual review came and went and I got absolutely nothing but “5 gold stars” and the assurance from my manager that at this company, what I make now was all I was ever going to make.

The idea that everyone on the marketing team was not just undervalued, but not valued at all, and never would be, continued to be repeated over and over again, and soon I was just plain worn out by that negativity. I had been happy with my position and my income before, but as I grew and it refused to grow with me, I became increasingly miserable.

It got to the point where I knew I needed out- but I was looking and not finding any other jobs. Like, none. So, I stayed at the job that made me miserable. All the while secretly just wanting to quit and do my own business (I am a photographer/artist/book cover designer) full time. But, I was too scared of the unknown. So I stayed, despite knowing I deserved better. Despite knowing that I COULD DO BETTER, if I just had the time. But leaving something and jumping into the abyss of the unknown is freaking terrifying, ya’ll. So I held on.

And then, it was no longer really my choice. For whatever reason, the company decided that I was expendable and that they could just have me write a guide on “how to use our camera” for the other non-photographers in the marketing dept and get rid of my position entirely-basically run me out by taking away all of my responsibilities for no reason. And that was the moment (on Thursday) that I laughed. And cried. And got indignant. All at once. Because the fact that they think they can replace my artistry and talent with some technical “this is where the buttons are” guide, is a joke. And it’s a joke on them. And I am worth SO MUCH MORE.

It sort of feels like a break up, ya know? Like when the guy wants to leave but doesn’t have the guts to break up with you, so he just makes everything as hellish as possible until you finally give up and leave him, utterly defeated? (I’m sure we’ve all known guys like that, right?) Except, for the first time in my entire life, I actually truly feel like and believe that it’s actually their loss. Because I am not losing ANYTHING by moving on from a company who undervalues me this much. Just like I would not be moving on from a boyfriend who didn’t see that I was an amazing person.

It really is about self-love. I think that’s what I’m trying to say, here. And when you start learning how to love yourself, you start to pick up on the people and things in your life that are not serving you, that are not loving you, and you start to truly feel GOOD about leaving them behind. Is it still scary? Yes. Absolutely. But I know deep down that this is totally the right move. The universe works in mysterious ways sometimes. But it is always so much better if you put yourself first.

I don’t think I would have ever learned that if it wasn’t for Veronica. Thank you!!

Elise R. Fort Wayne, Indiana

As a go-getter, Veronica has helped me tap into my feminine side so I can be more relaxed and be less anxious, and let the man take the lead. She also helped me understand what I want (and need) in a relationship to be happy and valued, while still maintaining my own independence, which is so important to me.

I’ve been dating a man for about a month and a half now – while I’m not sure where the relationship will go, I truly believe working with Veronica has allowed me to worry less about every little thing he says or does and just enjoy the journey.

Diana S., Dallas, TX

What I loved most about working with Veronica was that she really relates and identifies with the challenges and struggles of dating and relationships. It helps to have a coach validate and mirror that experience, who’s been through something similar, and cannot only empathize but give your real actionable advice.

Lynn C., Bel Air, MD

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