If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you know how disturbed I am by Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination, and the aftermath of multiple sexual misconduct allegations against him.

Look, I’ll be honest, I was never going to like him because we fundamentally do not agree on a woman’s right to choose. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, so I can’t be *too* upset about that.

Yes, I don’t agree, and if even if he doesn’t support choice, why does he feel like he can dictate what I can or can’t do?

Despite that, it’s forgivable. Anti-choice is still a hallmark of the Republican party and he was nominated and supported by Republicans.

What is unforgivable, what is appalling is the GOP reaction to allegations on his sexual misconduct. Looking the other way, using the “boys will be boys” excuse, and rushing his vote through is deplorable.

Given that, I couldn’t think of a better episode to bring out from the archives than my chat with Belinda.

The personal is political, and the political is personal. This Supreme Court nomination will have vast effects on US women, and I want to remind you that if you’re pissed like I am you have a voice, and I encourage you to use it.

The work I do in my business is so much more than mastering the Tinder game or getting a date.

It’s really about female empowerment, and this is what female empowerment looks like on the macroscale outside of your personal dating experience.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The importance of knowing your voice and your story
  • How dating is a way to grow and evolve as a person
  • Discreet ways women are discriminated against in the office, and what to do about it
  • How to handle the intense political climate in the US, managing people you don’t agree with, and how to create the society and change you want
  • Why surrendering to relationships makes them more authentic and enjoyable

About Belinda:

Belinda is a female empowerment coach and a documentary filmmaker.

As an experienced coach and storyteller she holds space for women to become the powerful version of yourself that you know you’re becoming. She believes wholeheartedly in the power of story. Story connects us and reminds us that we are not alone. Owning your story and loving yourself through the process is literally the bravest thing you will ever do. It’s why she coaches.  It’s why she make documentary films. Learn more at belindawoolfson.com.

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