Your Conscious Online Dating Blueprint Workshop

For Women Who Want To Make It Work Online

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Feel at ease meeting people online, write a profile you’re proud of, and have a proven strategy to attract great potential partners online.

And don’t ever waste your time on the wrong people online ever again.

It’s easy to think you’re not cut out for online dating. Or that weeding through the creepers and ones looking for only t(s)exting penpals is just part of the game online.

Or that you can’t overcome the patriarchal and racial biases in the algorithms.

And that it’s what you *have* to do in order to find the 1-2 “good ones” that are still single, available, and at least somewhat exciting.

But just because you don’t know HOW to effectively online date, doesn’t mean you should stop or believe the limiting belief that “you’re not cut out for it.”

More and more people are connecting online, and with coronavirus around to stay for the foreseeable future, being online is more important than ever, unless you want to be a hermit until sometime in 2021. (At best!)

The great news is that online doesn’t doesn’t have to be as frustrating, soul-sucking, and anxiety-inducing as you think it is, so long as you have a CONSCIOUSLY aligned inner and outer strategy.

Have you used this time to connect with like-minded potential partners who actually want what you want? Have you maximized the potential to EMOTIONALLY connect with someone without having to worry about the physical intimacy to complicate things?

Have you sat at home feeling sorry for yourself, or have you taken advantage of the fact that more and more people (potential partners included) have gotten more clear on what it is they actually want out life and the kind of person they want to be?

Even though it may feel like it, now doesn’t have to be the time to NOT date and meet your potential partner.

And an internal shift in the way you approach online dating paired with mindful strategy can help you do just that WITHOUT having to pick through the weeds just to find that one, potential person who only somewhat excites you.

“But isn’t it crazy to think I could meet my potential partner right, given quarantine and the state of the world?”

There’s really good news for people who are looking for a serious, long-term relationship right now.

→ The veil is thinning between the conscious and unconscious mind… meaning people are asking themselves big questions around what kind of life they want to lead, what their values really are, and what they want more of (and less of) in their life… and they’re acting on it

→ In the “old” way of dating, sex and physical intimacy were often ways you used to get emotionally close to someone. Unless you’re purely looking for a FWB situation, this almost always creates complication, rejection, and hurt feelings

→ You can really get to know someone. Whether you meet online or 6 feet away in a park, all you can do is TALK. Imagine starting off your relationship and the first 1, 3, or even 6 months is just getting to know someone at a deep level. What kind of amazing foundation could that create for your relationship???

And this is exactly why I’m hosting a workshop for smart, successful women who have it all but love:

Your Conscious Online Dating Blueprint

Make Online Dating Work For You and Meet Perfect Potential Partners, Even In The Midst of A Global Pandemic and Political Unrest

You might be thinking, “But Veronica, I thought you help with the deeper blocks to love?”

Yes, yes I do.


If there’s one place your love blocks, limiting beliefs and insecurities play out, it’s online. While we aren’t going to dig into your core wounds in this workshop, you will discover how your blocks play out online (usually not in your favor!) and what you can do to shift that.

In this mini-course, you’ll learn:

Develop a soulful outer strategy so the time you do spend online will be fun, easeful, and fruitful. You’ll learn how to write a profile you don’t cringe to read and has you attracting the RIGHT people to you (and repels the wrong one), how to effectively reach out to people you’re interested in, and know who to take seriously of those who message you. Plus, you have the chance to get my eyes on your profile to give you personalized feedback to ensure you’re attracting the RIGHT people to you.

Develop your soulful inner strategy so you don’t burnout, waste time on the wrong people, and give up. You’ll learn how to shift your mindset and way you approach online dating so that you actually enjoy it (seriously!), meet great potential partners, and increase your likelihood of attracting exactly who you want. You’ll also learn my signature “Get prepped to get online” ritual that I’ve never shared publicly before!

I appreciate that you don’t feed us the same tired and outdated dating advice that seems to still be rampant. You actively work to dismantle the type of advice steeped in patriarchy that keeps women playing the games associated with dating (ie. Endless messaging, not being too opinionated, responding to any attention one gets to “widen” the dating pool)

I don’t think I have ever seen someone outright say that we can ask for things like a long term relationship, liberal political views, children if wanted etc. without it being subtly hinted, in the next breath, that it will be seen as too needy or ‘too much’.

The workshop definitely helped me look at how my dating habits played into the system of patriarchy and that it’s ok to dismantle those old views. Your take on dating was about cutting the bullshit, dismantling patriarchy by being unapologetic with what we want, and protecting our energy, all while writing a profile that presents us in a fun and relatable way that gets us closer to the person we actually want.

Candice S

Calgary, CA

Here are the specifics of what we’ll cover:

  • Why online dating is so great and a huge missed opportunity to be using the platform effectively (or not at all), even during coronavirus
  • To swipe or not to swipe. I’ll walk you through the pros and cons of each so you can make the best choice for you and your preferences
  • Which dating apps I love and how to choose the best one for you based on your preferences, demographics and goals
  • 3 mistakes that most women make online which keep you bitter and having to pick through the weeds of all the wrong people
  • How to set boundaries around online dating so you don’t get drained or waste your time or energy and time on the wrong people
  • My 4 golden rules of creating an irresistible profile that turns OFF the wrong people and turns ON the right people
  • The kindergarten activity that’ll have potential partners beating down your door to go on a date with you
  • Why pistachio ice cream is crucial to repelling the wrong people to you, saving you tons of time and energy
  • Over a dozen mad-lib style fill in the blank sentences you can use in your profile right away that help you to sound like YOU rather than an awkward robot
  • My favorite and effective template for “swipe style” profile that’ll have everyone (that you’d want) swiping right
  • Why I roll my eyes when I see profiles that say “fun-loving” or “I’m good with a night in and Netflix or a night on the town” and why they attract a lot of the creepers online
  • The one line on your profile that most women have that attract the tire kickers and emotionally unavailable partners
  • How to stay motivated and still meet great potential partners online, despite racial and beauty bias in the algorithms
  • Get the chance to get my eyes on your profile. Even if I don’t review your profile, my guess is you’ll have made many of the same mistakes, which you can then edit and improve based on my recommendation
  • Learn my signature ritual to help you get in the right mindset before you get online so you’re set up for success and MOST likely to attract who you want to attract

Workshop Details:

The sessions are pre-recorded, so you’ll be able to watch on your own time, any where in the world.

The workshop is divided into three sessions. Here’s what you’ll learn in each: 

Module 1: Getting in the Right Headspace

  • Why you’ll love online dating
  • Strategies to overcome sexism and racism inherent in online dating
  • How to get in a good headspace to online date
  • Questions to consider in choosing which site/app you’ll use

Module 2: Create a Profile You Love (And Get More of the RIGHT People Messaging You)

  • The four golden rules on a profile that attracts the RIGHT people to you
  • Why pistachio ice cream is your best friend in online dating
  • How to select photos that don’t sell your soul
  • How to get more of the right messages in your inbox

Module 3: Messaging, Boundaries, and Creating Good Energy


  • Messaging best practices and how to get OFF the apps
  • How to stay sane, set boundaries, and get in the right headspace BEFORE you log on
  • Profile reviews and questions


WHO IT’S FOR: Anyone who wants to learn how to effectively date online and meet great potential partners without getting burnt out or jaded, even in the midst of a global pandemic.

I drank the kool-aid and it’s worked!!

I chose this person based on reality, not fantasy. I continue down the path with him based on our authentic selves. I have been reconciling my ideas of love vs reality in my head as we move through the progression of dating life. And it has been eye-opening and wonderful! I am finally starting to understand what it might look like and how to navigate real love.

Thank you for your help in my journey! 💝

– Stacey W, Chicago

Finding great partners online can be overwhelming and feel like a full-time job… but this workshop can FINALLY shed some light on this powerful and effective way to meet your perfect-for-you person.

Working with me privately is several thousand dollars, which includes dating and profile support.

But you can join me for this workshop AND keep the recordings for life for just:

$99 USD

Buy now for just $99

“Now, I feel like I could have fun with on-line dating and have a much, much more positive attitude toward it.” – Beth F., Massachusetts, USA

 I met my husband while I was working with Veronica! 🙂

One of the greatest things I learned from Veronica was to identify my needs within a relationship and what that feels like. I was able to forget what my head was telling me, and stayed clear during a date. I focused on how the date made me feel vs. what they looked like on paper.

I really changed my expectations of any date that I went on. I looked at what I could learn about the other person or about myself. My goal each date was to have fun. That totally took a lot of pressure off of me about finding “the one”.

It allowed me to be present and not as nervous during the date. I was being my authentic self because I very clear about who I was, what I wanted to feel and I was confident with what I brought to the table. I was happy and fulfilled with myself.

– Kaeli Y, Ontario, Canada

Hey! I’m Veronica and I’ll be your online dating extraordinaire for the week.

Anyone who’s worked with me will tell you I’m NOT about the BS shallow dating advice that’s out there. I’m also a love coach who doesn’t ignore the very real sexist and racist realities online.

Look, I won’t lie: fixing online dating will NOT be a silver bullet (but nothing is!), but it WILL drastically change your experience dating, especially right now.

For the week we’re together, I’ve made it my job to demystify online dating from the inside out. You’ll learn the soulful inner and outer strategy to effectively date online, AND know how to approach online dating mentally, emotionally, and even spirituality so you best your chances of success.

A few more people who can vouch for my work:

I wasn’t aware how stuck I have been in my life all together, but I am moving forward one step at a time and Veronica helped me a lot along the way.

I was really unhappy with my romantic relationships in my life, I felt stuck in my patterns and could not break them. I purchased multiple programs from different dating coaches. Even though I liked them, I did not feel any difference in my life.

– Erika C.

As a go-getter, Veronica has helped me tap into my feminine side so I can be more relaxed and be less anxious, and let the man take the lead.

She also helped me understand what I want (and need) in a relationship to be happy and valued, while still maintaining my own independence, which is so important to me.

– Diana S., Dallas, TX

What I loved most about working with Veronica was that she really relates and identifies with the challenges and struggles of dating and relationships.

It helps to have a coach validate and mirror that experience, who’s been through something similar, and cannot only empathize but give your real actionable advice.

– Lynn C., Bel Air, MD

In case you’re wondering:

“What if I need more work other than just online dating? Or what if I also need help around my love blocks and core wounds?”

So glad you asked!

Here’s what the workshop will NOT cover:

– Inner child work or uncovering why you attract the relationships you attract
– Love blocks or my 4 dating energies
– Feminine and masculine energies in dating and relationships
– My 4 step process to identify and clear love blocks
– How to get over an ex
– Communication and setting boundaries that are beyond the scope of online dating
– How to flirt or other cheesy pick up strategies
– What to do in your current relationship/situationship

And here’s the rest of the not-so-fine print, which I’m making quite large because I always want to be completely upfront with you:

No refunds will be granted for this mini-course for any reason. 

You’ll be able to watch the entire e-course in less than a day and have a new/refreshed profile up and running in no time!

If you’re not sure if the workshop is right for you, reach out to us at and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Veronica is a master at guiding ambitious women to do some very important inner work, because ultimately, a woman’s relationship with a man will simply reflect her relationship with herself.

“Treat yourself the way you want to be treated” is a perfect tagline to describe what Veronica helps her clients to do. I highly recommend her to any woman who wants a dating mindset shift so she can actually start attracting the relationship she desires.

– Casey B., Calgary, CA

Make the next time you log onto your dating app a pleasurable, fun, and FRUITFUL experience.

Join me for this workshop for just:




But I haaaaate online dating. It’s NEVER worked for me.

That’s because you probably didn’t use my signature approach to online dating! Think about it: you want to meet someone, but either can’t meet people the way you used to because of coronavirus, or you simply just don’t freaking like going out all the time.

Online dating CAN work for you, yes, you’re unique and special, but there’s NOTHING about you that makes you specifically inept to successfully date online.


Can you guarantee that I’ll meet someone online?

Sorry, I cannot. What I do promise is you’ll walk away with a profile that you’ll be excited for people to read, with a soulful outer and inner strategy to radically transform your experience online.


What if I’m not happy with the workshop? Can I get my money back?

Because you’ll have instant access to the entire course, refunds will not granted for any reason. Please shop mindfully!


Who will benefit from this workshop the most?

Anyone who feels like they have it all but love, and feel continuously frustrated and disappointed online. You see other people meeting great partners, but so far, you haven’t been able to do it. If you’re ready to reapproach the way you date online from the inside out, you’ll love this workshop.


How much work will I have to do between each session?

Not much. After session two, you’ll be assigned to write your dating profile and select photos, which’ll be a BREEZE after what I teach you. It’s not required you write your profile right after session #2, but if you do, you can submit it for my personal review during session #3.


Should I do this workshop or sign up for Crappy to Happy or work with you 1×1 instead?

Crappy to Happy is a self-study ecourse that takes you through my step-by-step process to identify, heal, and clear your love blocks without having to spend years in therapy. Crappy to Happy will DEFINITELY improve your overall mindset, which will show up in online dating, but it’s not a course specifically designed to help you date online more effectively.

In fact, if you purchase Crappy to Happy and Your Conscious Online Dating Blueprint together, you get to bundle and save!

Working with me follows the structure of Crappy to Happy, but due to the nature of the program, we focus on wherever you need to focus on, whether that be boundaries, communication, getting over an ex, support around a specific situationship and more.

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