Merry Christmas, y’all! {If you’re celebrating!} I’m in South Carolina with the family, enjoying some sweets, gift exchanging, and best of all, getting some much needed R&R. I hope wherever you are, you are too enjoying some radical self-care.

Today’s post is super fun…“My 2015 Favorite Things List,” a collection of time- and sanity-saving tools, the best self-care + dating tools I recommend, inspiring books, and more.

If you’re a busy women who wants to have more time for YOU in 2016, with a bit more fun, guilty pleasures, and a little bit of learning, this list is for you.

I’m broken up the list into these categories:

  • Self care like you mean it
  • Productivity/time management-ninja tools
  • Things that are inspiring


  • Date like a pro

Enjoy! I hope you love this.


Self-Care Like You Mean It

  • This balance-everything-I’m-bloated-tea: 1 part fennel, 1 part cumin, 1 part coriander. Bloated? Gasy? Overate? Whatever it is, this tea will make you feel better. Optional to add some honey for sweetness.
  • I’m really loving YogaGlo, an online yoga studio with hundreds of classes, any style, any level, and great teachers. If I can’t make it to the studio, I love that there are more than enough classes here for me to choose from, and there are classes from 5 minutes to 90 minutes. No excuses. #yogaeverydamnday Best of all, it’s $18 a month! A steal!
  • Working with a coach is one of the best personal + professional decisions I’ve EVER made. {I put my money where my mouth is. I work with my own coach, so I can personally attest to how powerful working with a coach can be. Interested in what it could be like for me to help you get out there + date? Schedule a free call here to find out.}
  • Meditation. A 10-minute morning meditation practice has been my anecdote to pretty much everything. On days I don’t get meditation in, I feel sluggish, like I’m chasing the day, and as a result more stressed. Try this meditation I made for you on last week’s post.


Productivity/Time-Management Ninja Tools:

  • If you don’t know the magic of pomodoros, then you don’t know the magic of getting more done in less time. Close all your windows, put your phone away, and for 25 minutes, Then do whatever you want for 5 minutes. Do that for a few rounds, and you’ll wish you had this tool years ago! Check out this free tool here.
  • I LOVE this tool. You can “roll” up all your newsletters you’re subscribed to + get it in 1 digestible email. AMAZING. You can also bulk unsubscribe to lists you don’t even remember subscribing to. Holy moly it’s amazing.
  • Boomerang: manage your inbox like a pro. If email feels like your 2nd job or emails get lost in the shuffle, get this tool NOW. With this tool, you can have sent emails come back to the top of your inbox if you don’t get a response, you can schedule recurring emails to go out, or if you get an email that you need to attend to, but not at that moment, you can schedule it to come back at a time you can attend to it. AMAZING.


Things that are inspiring:

  • Alexandra Franzen for all things writing, communication, and kicking ass. You’ll especially love this woman + her blog if you’re an entrepreneur. Regardless, if you want to take your professional + personal communication skills to the next level, she’s got you.
  • The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte. If you’re sick of setting traditional goals, and/or want to align your actions with your values + create a life you love with or without having the things you want, you need this book.
  • Louise Hay: Change your thought patterns + heal yourself from dis-ease. I never believed/tried the power of mantras + changing your thought patterns {even if you don’t believe them} until I read this lady. Now I’m hooked. Whatever reason you have as to why you’re not dating, still single, or whatever, is a belief. Beliefs can be changed, and this woman will show you how.
  • @TheAlisonShow on Instagram. If you love amazingly decorated cookies, adorable kids, and the most genius theme parties, follow this woman. As a female archetype that is not naturally the “nurturer,” she makes motherhood look rewarding, fun, and a little messy.


Date like a pro:

  • Marriage is Funny. Y’all, be sure to check out this incredible podcast I very recently came across. It’s a funny, thoughtful approach to striving for great love, rather than perfect love. I love the messaging, the candid conversations, and the lessons this hilarious couple learns through their own marriage journey. No matter your relationship status, this podcast is entertaining + inspiring to all.
  • Not sure what online dating site is best for you? I found this resource to help you out.
  • Online Dating Profile Makeover – Hey! That’s my program! How’d that get here? January is HUGE for online dating, if you want to jump in + make 2016 the year you set yourself up to meet him + make online date work for you {rather than drain your time + energy}, check out this sweet program {If I do say so myself.}
  • Join our private Facebook community! This is an amazing community of women dedicated to dating themselves, treating themselves the way they want to be treated, and supporting each other through the ups + downs inherent in dating. Join us here.

That’s a wrap!

I’ll see you in 2016, I’ve got so much in store I can’t even contain my excitement.

To making the most of the rest of 2015 + making 2016 bananas,


p.s. – Oh hey, share this blog with someone you think that’ll love this! Just use the red buttons to the left of you if you’re on or computer or the buttons below if you’re on your phone. Thanks a mil! xo

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