EP113: Finally getting over an ex, fixing toxic relationships, and dating as a feminist - Veronica Grant

In today’s episode, I answer three listener questions. I periodically will make a call for listener questions, usually on my Instagram page, so if you’re not following me, make sure you do that so you can submit your question next time. You can follow me at @veronicaegrant.

I LOVE the questions that you all submitted to me, and I’m super excited that one of the questions came from a man! The questions are on getting over an ex (even when you know it would’ve never worked out), how to fix a toxic and codependent relationship, and how to date as a feminist when most men are not.

Lots of juicy stuff. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Two often overlooked reasons you’re not getting over an ex, even though you logically know it’d never work out
  • The MOST important thing to do to “fix” a codepedent relationship
  • Where the feminist movement got it wrong and why it’s making dating totally sucky

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  1. Veronica Grant

    Hi dear,

    I agree everyone has an inherent biased to be sexist, just like we all have an inherent bias to be racist. It’s the society we live in, and we all have to consciously work to not be at the default.

    My only point is that the feminist movement in the beginning was about women acting like men… but if you think about it, that’s basically saying, men are the standard, so we’re going to act like that to gain equality.

    I reject that notion. I don’t think women have to act like men to be equal, and that’s only buying into the belief that they’re the gold standard.

    I actually have quite a thorough understanding of topics around oppression, race, gender, inequality, etc. I’ll never claim to know more than anyone else, but I did spend quite a good deal of time researching these topics as an undergrad and grad student. xo

  2. Pan

    Hi, I just wanted to let you know that most men ARE sexist, because patriarchy! it’s the default! Most women are sexist too. It’s the air that we breathe. This is just not a belief, it’s a fact.

    Also, feminism is not about women becoming more masculine or more like men, that’s a prejudice and a misunderstanding.

    I recommend you read more about social justice in general, oppression, sexism, patriarchy, privilege, etc.

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