EP212: How to Change Your Dating Patterns Once You Have Awareness with Saskia - Veronica Grant

Welcome to episode 212 of the Love Live Connection podcast. In this episode, I’m talking with Saskia, and she wants to know how she can change her dating patterns.

Saskia recently went through my free workshop and has questions about what to do now that she’s started to connect the dots on her dating patterns.  We do some inner child work to find out why Saskia feels the way she does and I give her steps to take to work through those feelings. I also give her some inner child homework to do while she is on a dating break, so that when she dates again, she’ll be able to change her dating patterns. 

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1:00 – How to work through WHATEVER you’re feeling during this pandemic

4:00 – Why this could be a great time to do some inner child work

6:16 – Once you have awareness, how do you change your pattern?

10:55 – Saskia presents her realization of her own patterns

13:56 – How Saskia’s pattern is played out by her relationship with her dad

15:55 – I guide Saskia through a meditation putting herself into her 13-year-old self’s shoes

19:47 – Why Saskia’s connection to her younger self is so important  

20:20 – The first step to shift your pattern after gaining awareness

23:23 – The next most important thing you can do in the process

28:24 – I explain to Saskia the next step of developing a relationship with herself and how that can be grounding

30:45 – Saskia presents a question about how to navigate a situation when a guy rejects her but then attempts to remain friends

34:00 – I break down the 4 steps in the process of shifting your dating patterns

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