Is it normal to be confused or hesitant about whether to see someone again after the first date? I get this question often from clients, and unfortunately, there’s no formula that’ll work perfectly to answer this for everyone. But you can still look at certain things to gain some perspective or ask yourself some questions. 

In this episode, I cover a few things to think about after the first date to help you determine whether or not a relationship is worth pursuing.

7:48 – The two ends of the dating or relationship spectrum you don’t want to be in

11:40 – Where you want to be when you’re dating someone new

14:41 – Why I like to give people two or three dates (with one exception)

17:01 – Rule of three: what that means, what mine is, and why I encourage you to have it

19:58 – Why you should consider dating someone you normally wouldn’t

24:58 – The tricky thing about feeling bored in a relationship

26:22 – Ask yourself this when in doubt about your feelings

28:48 – One last thing you need to know about this topic

I hope you enjoyed this episode! Find me on Instagram or email me with your feedback. I look forward to hearing from you!

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1 Comment

  1. Judith Ugelow Blak

    Great episode today, Veronica. Great to re-connect with you. Happy new year!

    You are clear and full of examples in this episode, as always, making your ideas easy to follow and understand. I have started “dating” someone in … wait for it… California. I won’t be moving from Denmark; he won’t be moving from California, so neither of us know where this will bring us–it’s an adventure. I carry all the work I’ve done with you and because of you with me. If I hadn’t gotten to the point of liking myself, even this long-distance thing would never have happened. I am rejoicing and I thank you.

    I didn’t realize that adventurous was a characteristic of Sagittarius. I am a Sag, and adventurous became my watchword, independently, several years ago. What I realized recently is that adventurous for me means a willingness to try something without thoughts of the outcome–it keeps me in the here and now, and it covers the adventure of travel and Stevie’s idea of finding an unknown veggie at the supermarket.

    Much love to you,

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