Day 2: Do something that...

…you used to love to do.

It seems the older we get, the more life gets in the way. Amiright?!

Work, exercising, cooking, grocery shopping, taking care of kids if you have them, commuting…It adds up.

On top of that, you swipe in the line at the grocery store, and try to squeeze dates in when you can. And since dating takes up a good chunk of your free time, it’s easy for dating to become your “fun” activity.

Except that it doesn’t always feel fun.

I find there’s often some resentment because it does take up so much time, time that you’d otherwise be spending on yourself doing things you love.

When I was frustrated with how much time dating took, I wanted to stop beating around the bush on dates. That may seem like a fine idea, except dates can easily begin to feel like a job interview, and dating can quickly feel like a second job.


So let me ask you: Would you be interested in someone who treats dating like a second job? Would it be easy to develop a connection with that person? Would you be interested in someone who didn’t spend time cultivating their interests or hobbies?

Didn’t think so.

Whenever I ask my clients what they do for fun, I often get some blank stares.

Ummm… working out? (Nope, sorry that doesn’t count, sister.)

Netflix? (That doesn’t count either, m’dear.)

So what’s something that you love to do that you haven’t done in forever? Or you feel like you don’t have time for?

Tomorrow, your challenge is to either do, or make specific plans (like, I want to see it IN your calendar) to do something fun.

If you’re feeling stuck, thinking of something you loved to do as a child.

  • Did you love to bike? Spend an afternoon biking around (rent if you need to) and explore your town.
  • Did you love to draw? Sign up for an art class, or set up an art area in your home, buy an adult coloring book, or check out a local wine and paint.
  • Did you love to read? Curl up on the couch and read.
  • Or maybe you love to cook. Whip up something beyond just cooking dinner.
  • Or perhaps you’ve been wanting to put that scrap book together for foreverrrr.

I think you get the idea.

The point is, nobody is interested in being with someone who feels like they have to date. People want connections with a real human. And you’re a real, multi-dimensional human.

There’s no need to make yourself 2-D by filling your free time with dates and putting off the things you love to do until your with someone.

Spending time doing things you love will help you to feel happier and more connected with yourself.

And guess what:

That’s hot.

Snap a photo of your date and please share it on Instagram or in the Facebook group. Use the hashtag #DateYourselfChallenge + tag me, @veronicaegrant on Instagram or in the Facebook group so I can celebrate and support you!

Remember, each post on Insta or in the Facebook group is an entry to win fun prizes from me. {Including some 1x1 time with me!}


A few reminders:

  • Each date should be something you do BY YOURSELF. Yes, we love our mothers, friends, and kids. But this challenge is about you cultivating an irresistible relationship with yourself so that you can attract an irresistible relationship.
  • Progress, not perfection! Depending on your schedule, you may be able to spend an hour or more on your date, or just 5 minutes. Either is perfect! Be where you are, and celebrate.

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