Welcome to episode 233 of the Love Live Connection podcast, Do You Have To Wait On A Man To Have Children?

The society we live in tells us that our ability to have a family and kids is based on being able to find a man to procreate. And the truth is, that’s not the only way.  My guest, Dana, found herself at the age of 39 in a dead end relationship, with a strong desire to be a mom. So, she decided not to wait on a man to have children and went the donor route.

We talk about the logistics of going the donor baby route, plus the emotions that come with it. And at the end, Dana shares how she met her now partner on the day she conceived her second baby… at a fertility clinic!

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3:03 – A little background on Dana

6:58 – Dana introduces herself

8:57 – The story of how Dana came to the decision that she could have a baby on her own

14:32 – The first step Dana took in the journey to get pregnant

20:29 – What the process of looking for a donor looks like

26:56 – How much it costs to go through the insemination process

31:50 – What Dana’s conception and pregnancy looked like 

35:50 – Dana describes what single motherhood was like

44:11 – How Dana met her current partner

50:49 – Dana’s advice for women considering becoming a single mother

Dana’s Bio:  Dana Freedman is a critical care nurse who spends several nights a week in a helicopter flying over the greater San Francisco Bay Area saving lives. By day, she keeps busy as a choice-mama to a 5-year-old boy, an infant girl, and a back talking Siberian Husky. In 2017, in the aftermath of the presidential election, multiple pregnancy losses and a generalized feeling of despair, she discovered the work of Dr. Peter and Briana Borten, and their Dragontree Illuminator Program. There she embarked on training as a holistic guide and life coach with a foundation in ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic practices. She now caters her own coaching practice toward empowering women, mothers, and women interested in pursuing choice motherhood. In all of her spare time she is writing a memoir. The Kind of Woman who Would is a story of love and relationship, death and dying, and what to do if you should find yourself single at 39 with a desperate longing for motherhood. With any luck, and a few stolen moments, it should be finished in 2021.

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