date yourself challenge

Join the 1000s of women who’ve discovered a whole new way to find love.

It’s 100% possible for you to get out of the dating game, trust yourself to make good decisions, and attract a high quality relationship.

The #DateYourselfChallenge will show you how.


The fun starts February 6th, 2023! 

Dating and relationships don’t have to feel icky, draining, or like a 2nd job. Think of your favorite guilty pleasure. Got it? (Mine is a glass of chardonnay, Netflix, and sushi.) Dating can feel like that. (Promise.)

In the six years I’ve ran the Date Yourself Challenge, almost 10,000 women have learned to reconnect with themselves, discover who they are, and call in love. And I’m so excited for you to get started on that same journey.

When you join the Date Yourself Challenge, you’ll get five, daily dates for you to have with yourself so you can attract the relationship you dream of into your life. Each challenge will be simple, and take a few minutes to complete. If you do them, you won’t be able to avoid having more fun + ease in dating.

Most importantly, as soon as you sign up, you’ll get a link to join our private community. Other single women who get you and want to support you… this is gold!

If you want to work on yourself before you start dating again or you’re about to give up on finding love, you really cannot afford to miss out on this challenge.

And it’s free!

We also have one of the most supportive and inspiring community of women on the planet. Get ready for some massive reprogramming in how you date and love.

To join, just enter your name + email below. After you join, make sure you say hello to in the private Facebook group so I can get to know you!

I can’t wait to “see” you there!



“I have been with a therapist for a few years and never did he ever challenge me to date myself. The awareness and the confidence that was brought forth in just five days with your challenge has been heartbreaking and heart healing!”

– Mandy R.

“Before the challenge, I found it difficult to ask for guys to meet me for coffee or initiate the first meeting. I now realize that it can be good to get out there and ‘practice’. I’m also more confident in asking for the things I want in a relationship.”

– June F.

“I hesitated joining the challenge because I was worried that it would be the same information I’d heard in the past. That was definitely not the case. I got way more out of the challenge then I ever could have imagined.”

– Kelly C.

“I love this challenge! I want to do this over and over again!”

– Shelley K.

“I have been telling everyone about this challenge. The Date Yourself Challenge is life-changing for all women, young old married and single. Just to learn themselves again.”

– Jess S.

“I have a deeper understanding of myself, my wants and my needs in a relationship. I have a new sense of confidence and determination to uphold personal standards in relationships.”

– Wendy R.

“I loved everything about this challenge! It’s funny how you know yourself but not really know yourself until you are posed with some serious questions and thoughts. Thank you Veronica!”

– Candice C.

“I now know that I need to put myself first & trust my intuition. I have pride in myself & my ability to make right decisions. I’ve learned to create my own happy life & not depend on others to fill the void.”

– Anette M.

“This challenge has changed my life. I feel happier within myself!”

– Beth P.

“This challenge and the community of women that came with it was exactly what I needed to help me get through this difficult journey in my life.”

– Christina C.

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