You’ve done a lot of work and understand how past experiences have shaped your relationship patterns. But are you still meeting lots of emotionally unavailable people on dates or constantly looking for red flags to keep from getting hurt or rejected? If that sounds like you, then you’ll relate to Erin who’s been single for five years.

In this episode, I help her discover what lies behind her frustration with her love life and seeming inability to find someone with a mutual interest in a long-term relationship.

9:33 – Erin explains her frustration with her existing dating situation

13:50 – The perspective that’s missing from Erin’s love life right now

17:21 – How being too open can be a form of manipulation

19:33 – Dating from the fearful place of “guilty until proven innocent”

24:12 – The missing factor Erin may not be consciously aware of

27:11 – Why emotionally unavailable people can be attractive to Erin

31:57 – How your thoughts can lead you to take (or not take) certain actions

37:15 – What Erin can work on next and a suggestion for how to put it into practice

41:54 – Recapping the coaching call with Erin

46:38 – My top takeaways from this episode


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  • Looking for places where you can help by donating money? Try or World Central Kitchen. Sharon McMahon of Sharon Says So is also raising money in her community for Ukrainian refugees.
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  1. Tania

    Great podcast, thank you! It is disappointing though that even here you speak about Ukraine. It is an overload. There should be some safe place where I can connect and not be brainwashed. Urgh.

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