Crappy to Happy

A Two Week Course To Help You Quickly Discover Your Love Blocks So That You Can Clear Them and Find Love, Without Having To Spend Years in Therapy.

Crappy to Happy

A Two Week Course To Help You Quickly Discover Your Love Blocks So That You Can Clear Them and Find Love, Without Having To Spend Years in Therap


Can you relate to any of this…?

:: You know deep down you’re a kind and loving person, but you’re frustrated you can’t find someone who wants to be in a relationship with you.


:: It feels harder now that you’re older to find emotionally available partners, and you wonder if the good ones are already taken.


:: You’re really freaking frustrated because you know you’re smart and capable… you have everything else in your life figured out, job, friends, home, and yet, you feel completely stuck and behind in your love life.


:: You’ve spent time in therapy and/or working on yourself, and you know what your dating patterns are and perhaps even where they came from, but you can’t for the life of you seem to change them.


:: You’ve considered working with me 1-on-1 but are feeling a bit shy, unsure if my coaching methods work for you, or unable to make private coaching work for your life right now

Are you afraid that you’re not reaching your potential in your love life, while the years slip by and the opportunity to share your life with someone slips away?

If so, then you’ll be a great fit for my course.


Crappy To Happy:

A Two Week Course So You Can Quickly Discover Your Love Blocks and Clear Them, Without Having To Spend Years In Therapy

In Crappy to Happy you will:

:: Go from being stuck in your crappy dating patterns to knowing exactly how to shift your patterns so you can attract a relationship into your life that feels like a true partnership.

:: Have a better relationship with yourself and actually like and love yourself more so you don’t continue to settle for scraps and bad behavior in your love life

:: Know how to identify what you actually want and need in a relationship and have the confidence to ask for it without feeling needy or too much, and without worrying that your expectations are too high (they’re probably not!)

:: Identify exactly what unconscious beliefs and fears you’ve had since childhood that are holding you back and how to get rid of them for good so you can attract in and know how to be in healthy relationships

:: Learn my signature inner child work process to help you cope next time you get triggered or rejected so you DON’T fall back into old crappy dating patterns, go on a retail therapy binge, or polish off an entire Phish Food pint from Ben & Jerry’s

:: Get clear if you’d like to work deeper with me in my private coaching work

“Initially, I really hesitated to work with Veronica because it would be like admitting that I had somehow failed at dating + needed help. But the more I thought about it, all of my relationships have a tendency to end in similar ways, so the common thread there was clearly me… so I did need help!

The community has been so awesome and supportive & full of amazing ideas, too! I feel like I have made huge progress in the last month or two when it comes to how I spend my time and energy, so I feel happier and more relaxed in my everyday life.”

(Update: Kristen is in a relationship now, and continues to work through her stuff so she can continue having a supportive, loving relationship!)

Kristen T.

Dallas, TX

If you love my podcast, the Love Life Connection, here’s why I think you’ll love this course:

:: As you can hear on the show, I have a knack for coaching women to connect the dots so they can understand their dating patterns, which is the most important step to actually changing them.


:: I take you through the exact step-by-step process I take my clients through to clear their love blocks.


In Crappy to Happy, I’ll teach you how to identify and then shift your blocks in your own life too.

When you enroll in Crappy To Happy…

You’ll have a proven path to move you forward out of stuckville in your love life.

It’s a path that never asks you to act or look a certain way because that’s what’s “in” or “palatable.”

Rather, it’s a path that asks you to be unapologetically you, and one that helps you attract a partner from your uniqueness and quirks, not despite them.

Plus, if you’re anything like me, and you want homework and specific tools and practices to use that give you tangible results in your love life, this course has got you covered.

I think you’ll love learning with me because…

I’m a Love and Life Coach for smart, successful women who feel like they have it all, but love.

I’m the host of the popular podcast, the Love Life Connection, where I’ve been helping women get unstuck for years.

My work has also been featured in O the Oprah Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Your Tango, Bustle and more.

For years, I attracted dead end relationships, and was desperate to make them work even though those partners never saw me much more than a fun fling. I even attracted someone who was everything I ever wanted, and he wanted me, but it was too much, too scary, and I broke it off.

As the years went by, each disappointing date or relationship that didn’t work out hurt extra hard because each time it was reopening a man-shaped void in my life.

Once I figured out that no dress size, online dating profile or savvy text was going to make or break my quest for love, I went on a journey within.

Plus, when you join Crappy to Happy, you’ll also get::

EFT to Shift Your Dating Patterns

In this bonus lesson, I teach you the basics on how to use this powerful tool to instantly shift your thoughts and emotions to further your work on changing your dating patterns (this is a great tool to use on the fly when you’re triggered or having lots of doubt)

Private Coaching Session with ME! .

Once you complete the course, you’ll send your homework to me and then be able to schedule your bonus 30-minute 1-on-1 coaching session right onto my calendar. That way, if something tripped you up or you’re not sure how to remove a certain block, we can dive into that together in our private coaching session.

“I met Jason! We met a year ago July when I was in Colorado, and started dating in November. He lives in the metro-Detroit area, 308 miles door-to-door, which has been good for taking things slowly and building a solid foundation.

I chose this person based on reality, not fantasy. I continue down the path with him based on our authentic selves. I have been reconciling my ideas of love vs reality in my head as we move through the progression of dating life. And it has been eye-opening and wonderful! I am finally starting to understand what it might look like and how to navigate real love.

Thank you for your help in my journey! “💝

Stacey W.

Chicago, IL

I came home to myself, and along the way, I met my now husband Stevie.


I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from my life and from helping hundreds of women, and put it into this course so you can take the shortcut to love.

Many of my clients have left toxic or dead end relationships, are in happy committed relationships they never thought possible, and a couple of my clients have babies on the way!

I focus on shifting your fears, limiting beliefs and blocks to find love. I don’t waste time perfecting your profile or texting, because while that’ll likely get you more dates and sex, more dates and sex is just more dates and sex.

Ready to get started?

Click below to register and get ready to kiss your dating patterns goodbye!

Not sure if Crappy to Happy will work for you?

After working with hundreds of women, I can safely say that EVERYONE has inner child stuff to work through… not just those who come from divorce, death, abuse, or economic hardship. The question is, are you willing to confront that stuff so you can live a life and have a relationship that feels more aligned for you?

I’ve worked with over 100 women in my private coaching practice, and I know what I teach works. Crappy to Happy will allow you to get a backstage pass to my signature process that has helped my clients leave toxic or dead end relationships, finally start dating again after years of hiatus, and meet a wonderful partner.

Yes, you’re unique, but please don’t hold yourself back and fall into the misunderstanding that your situation is the exception to the rule. It’s not, and you definitely don’t have to figure this out on your own or reinvent the wheel.

Ready to get started?

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“I’m a single mom with two girls, and even though I knew working with Veronica was something I truly wanted to do, I hesitated because of the money. After that fleeting thought, I followed my gut knowing this was for me.I would recommend everyone take this course: married, single, or dating. There are aspects of the course that are so transferable for individual growth and development. Veronica is down to earth and has an amazing approach to dating. I loved that she doesn’t really sugar coat things, and she tells it how it is.Plus, I met my husband while I was working with Veronica! 🙂“

Kaeli Y.

Ontario, Canada

Still not sure?

Not to worry. Once you register for Crappy to Happy, you’ll have 7 days to try out the course. If it’s not for you, simply turn in your homework from lessons 1 and 2 to, telling us why it wasn’t working for you, and we’ll happily refund you your money.


Here’s what you’ll learn in this course:


Lesson 1: Connect the Dots: Why You Attract Who You Attract

  • Why believing you have to “fix” yourself before you can find love will keep you out of love, and what I want you to do instead
  • The #1 reason you attract people and relationships similar to your parents, even if that’s your biggest fear, and what to do about it
  • How to tell the difference between a healthy relationship and one that’s not, even if it seems to be like everything you’ve ever wanted

Lesson 2: Stop Your Patterns Dead in Their Tracks

  • The real reason you only like the people who don’t want you and aren’t attracted to the ones who do like you (It’ll make perfect sense once you learn this)
  • Why your dating patterns repeat themselves, EVEN when you can see it’s a dumpster fire and you jump in anyways
  • How to feel your feelings so that it doesn’t turn into a pity party or a dark hole you can’t get out of (and why you *must* do this to change your dating patterns for good)

Lesson 3: Fill The Man/Woman-Shaped Void

  • Why putting on a new pair of glasses is really all you have to do, and how do it
  • How to deal with guilt, anger, or frustration towards your parents, exes, or anyone else you believe “screwed you up” so they don’t continue to screw you up
  • Why inner child work applies to you, even if you had a good relationship with your parents or had a “fine” childhood
  • Do’s and dont’s of inner child work so your love life actually changes

Lesson 4: Enter the Dating World with Your New, Shifted Self

  • My favorite two *must-do’s* to help you apply the deeper work to your life so you actually attract healthy relationships, rather than just talk about wanting them
  • My step-by-step process of what to do the next time you’re triggered or rejected
  • How to move beyond talk therapy and awareness to full integration so your life actually changes

Need to know more? Here are some commonly asked questions:

How do I know this will work for me?

I love this question, so thank you for asking it! While I can’t guarantee your exact results, I do know that if you do the work and put your heart into it, your life WILL change.

This course in particular is unique because unfortunately, I see a lot of other dating “experts” have their clients focus on the wrong things. Texting, online dating, what you wear, or even how to flirt will not make it or break it for you. I like to focus on the deeper issues that REALLY make the difference as to who you attract. 

The core of my work focuses on healing how you learned to get love, safety and belonging as a child. Most other coaches don’t teach this, but I think it’s required to have success in love. Because when those beliefs are in healthier places, you’ll be amazed at who you begin to attract.

I’ve worked with hundreds of women before you, and inner child stuff is honestly universal, even across various cultures and backgrounds.

Yes, you are unique, but trust that your situation is NOT the exception, and the situationship you’re in is 100% solvable.

What if I get stuck? Do I have access to you?

I’ve incorporated lots of ways to get support in this program. First, you can submit questions you have right in the members’ site, and I’ll answer them for you. You’ll also be able to see everyone else’s questions. (Anonymously, of course!) You never know when someone asks something you didn’t think to ask!

As a graduation bonus, when you complete the program, after you submit your homework to me, you’ll be able to schedule a 30-minute private coaching session with me. That’ll allow us to dig in and work through things that came up for you as you were moving through the course.

I’m not sure if I have time. Plus, I’m in a completely different timezone than you.

I appreciate this question, but I’m going to give you some tough love. If you don’t have time for this, you don’t have time for a relationship. Full stop.

I’ve created this program with the busy woman in mind.

The lessons are short and to the point, without extra fluff. This allows you to learn what you need to learn and get to work. The lessons are in audio format so you can easily listen on the go, and then you can work on the assignments when you find time.

You have to be honest with yourself: do you really not have time for a relationship or does it just feel safer to keep putting it on the back burner making excuses for it? Are you going to wait until you’re retired or kids are grown to find love?

The lessons are pre-recorded, so you’ll be able to listen to them on your own time. Plus, you have lifetime access to the program!

What if I don’t like it?

You can try out the course risk-free for 7 days. Start the work, and if you’re not feeling better and unstuck, we’ll refund you your money and cancel any future payments. Please note that you must show us you did the work from lessons 1 and 2 in order to be granted a refund.

Should I be dating when I do this course? Not dating?

That’s totally up to you! I think there’s benefit to taking a dating break as you complete the course, but that’s a personal decision.

I can’t decide...should I do this course or work with you privately?

Part of the reason I created this course is to help you decide that for yourself!

Obviously, there’s nothing like having a coach to personally support. But for any number of reasons, working with me may not have been the right thing to do at the time, or, maybe you have a bit of fear. (There’s no hiding your stuff when you work with me!)

Never fear though, you can sign up for this course to get a taste of my coaching style and the work I do with my clients. If you decide you want to work with me within three months of purchasing the course, the price you paid here will be deducted from your investment.

Can you remind me of everything I’m getting when I sign up today?


4 audio lessons of core content
4 meditations to go along with the core content
4 workbooks for each of the lessons
Bonus lesson EFT for Releasing Dating Patterns
30-Minute private coaching session with me upon completing the program

Ready to get started?

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    Crappy to Happy

    A Two Week Course To Help You Quickly Discover Your Love Blocks So That You Can Clear Them and Find Love, Without Having To Spend Years in Therapy.

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