Once upon a time…

I dated someone I was madly in lust with. (Though I thought it was love!) I ignored all the signs about how he likely really felt about me.

I wanted to be chosen by someone. I wanted someone to love me. So I lived in willfully ignorant bliss.

And just like that, he dropped me the second I didn’t fit into his life anymore. No conversation. No “let’s see if we can make this work.”

He was just done.

At the time, I would’ve told you I was blindsided. But the truth was, the writing was on the wall. The whole time.

Less than one year later, I found myself in the same.exact.situation.

After that first relationship, I never took the time to understand, and then heal, the part of me that would take any morsel of a breadcrumb just to feel chosen. Just to feel loved.

Sure, I got over guy #1, but I probably could’ve avoided heartbreak with guy #2 had I taken the time to turn my breakUP into a breakTHROUGH.

So let me ask you,

When it comes to getting over an ex, do you…

Break out the wine and dive deep into Netflix and wait out the crappy feelings?

Tell yourself (or listen to others telling you) to get back out there?
Endlessly swipe on the apps just hoping maybe this time you’ll meet someone you connect with?
Get angry at yourself because you can’t get over your ex? Even though you KNOW they were a jerk or not the right match for you?
Tell yourself you’re over your ex because you’d never want to get back together with them, but you also know you’re not really over them?

Or, are you in the middle of a breakup, are feeling devastated and not sure what to do?

“Get under someone to get over someone.” goes the old advice.

The truth is, you can ignore your feelings with wine or Netflix. You can jump into another relationship like I did. Or you can distract yourself by “staying busy” or ‘being strong” or “getting back out there.”

You can do that.

But I argue, if that’s what you do, you’re overwhelmingly likely to end up right back where you are now.

You see… as devastating as breakups are, they are also amazing opportunities for breakTHROUGHs.

Here’s the truth:

You have the chance now to avoid the mistakes I made.

You have the opportunity to not just get over your relationship, but to grow and heal from it so you can attract a relationship that’s more aligned with what you want the next time around.


BreakUp To BreakThrough:

A Proven 5-Step Process To Help You Get Over Your Relationship and Attract (Much!) Better Next Time Around

BreakUP to BreakTHROUGH is an online, self-study e-course designed to help you quickly get over your ex so that you not only feel better, but you’re better able to attract a healthier and more aligned relationship.

In BreakUp To BreakTHROUGH you will…

Learn a simple, yet highly effective five step process to help you get over your ex
Understand why you attracted this person and the relationship
Begin to heal the core wounding that your relationship and breakup bumped up against (so you also break the pattern in future relationships)
Go through a process to release your relationship on the soul level so you grow and one day look back at this breakup with so much gratitude (Promise!)

Receive personalized email coaching with me so I can answer your questions and help you get unstuck.

By the end of BreakUp To BreakTHROUGH, you’ll be surprised at how much lighter and freer you feel from your past relationship. And you might actually feel excited to date again!

If you love the Love Life Connection, I think you’ll love learning with me because…

I get it!

I don’t teach from a theoretical point of view. I teach based on my own experience in love, working with hundreds of women before you, and years of training in the personal growth and spiritual space.

I understand why even though you *know* this relationship wasn’t right, you can’t seem to shake it.

I understand the desire to just sit home, open a bottle of wine and dive deep into the pit of Netflix.

I understand the desire to “get back out there” because “time is running out.”

I teach this course with those understandings in mind.

Plus, when you join BreakUP to BreakTHROUGH,
you’ll also get access to these bonus lessons:

Bonus Lesson #1: How To Know If You Should Stay Or Leave

Forget pro/con lists. You will be doing that all day and won’t be any closer to what is actually true for you. In this bonus lesson, I walk you through two different exercises you can do to get to YOUR truth about whether or not your relationship is right for you.

Bonus Lesson #2: How To Know When You’re Ready To Start Dating Again

There is no magic amount of time you have to wait before you date again. In this lesson, I walk you through some things to look for that will help you decide if dating now for you is the right choice. (or not)

I came home to myself, and along the way, I met my now husband Stevie.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned about getting over an ex from my life and from helping hundreds of women, and put it into this course so you can take the shortcut to your breakthrough.

Many of my clients have finally gotten over exes they couldn’t shake or broken relationships that left them devastated. Many are happily dating today, meeting their partners, and yes, there are a few babies to celebrate too!

This course works, and is different from other courses because I focus on the SOUL reasons you and this person were together. (Everything from one date to 30+ years together counts here.) I help you to heal from the inside out, so you learn what you need to learn and heal what you need to heal so you’re less likely to find yourself in the same situation again. And again.

Ready to turn your breakup into a breakthrough?

Introductory pricing available through May 21st! (Save $50!)


Is BreakUP to BreakTHROUGH for you? Not for you?

BreakUP to BreakTHROUGH is for you if…

… You want to get over your relationship, whether it ended today or 5 years ago.

… You’re willing to (and ideally wanting to) do the deep work so you can truly turn this breakup into a transformation.

… You’re interested in beginning inner child work as a way to make this happen.

… You understand that your success in this course is more likely to happen if you DO the work rather than just listen to the steps and “think” about them.

By the way, in this course we do a bit of inner child work, but it is NOT the focus of this course.

If you want to dive deep into that work so that you can change your relationship patterns (whether or not you’re getting over a breakup), Crappy to Happy will probably be a better fit for you.

Ready to turn your breakup into a breakthrough?

 Introductory pricing available through May 21st! (Save $50!)

Here’s what you’ll learn:

My proven 5 step process to get over an ex

How to set boundaries with your ex in case you’re in a messy gray area and/or still sleeping together

How to process what you’re feeling (sad, mad, something else) so that you RELEASE the feelings rather than recycle the feelings

How to deal with the nostalgia or recalling the “good” or “early” times in a relationship that keep you hung up on your ex

How to understand why you attracted your ex on a soul level and begin the healing process so you’re less likely to attract the same kind of relationship again

Why getting to forgiveness isn’t too important and what to do instead to fully release your relationship

And of course, in the bonus lessons, you’ll learn how to determine whether or not you should stay in your current relationship (if that’s a question for you) and how to know when you’re ready to date again

Need to know more? Here are some commonly asked questions:

How do I know this will work for me?

I love this question, so thank you for asking it! While I can’t guarantee your exact results, I do know that if you do the work and put your heart into it, your life WILL change.

This course in particular is unique because unfortunately, I see a lot of other dating “experts” have their clients focus on the wrong things. Texting, online dating, what you wear, or even how to flirt will not make it or break it for you. I like to focus on the deeper issues that REALLY make the difference as to who you attract. 

The core of my work focuses on healing how you learned to get love, safety and belonging as a child. Most other coaches don’t teach this, but I think it’s required to have success in love, including getting an ex. If you’re struggling to get over someone, it’s likely because it’s bumping up against something deep.

Yes, you are unique, but trust that your situation is NOT the exception, and the situationship you’re in is 100% solvable.

What if I get stuck? Do I have access to you?

Yes! For two weeks after you purchase, you can send me as many emails you’d like with your questions and explaining your situationship so I can help you get unstuck. I’ll reply to you within 24 business hours via either email or an audio message so you can get all the support you need.

I’m not sure if I have time. Plus, I’m in a completely different timezone than you.

I appreciate this question, but I’m going to give you some tough love. If you don’t have time for this, you don’t have time for a relationship. Full stop.

What if I don’t like it?

Please listen to as many podcast episodes of mine as possible to make sure you like my style and vibe. I do not offer refunds because you get immediate access to the entire course as soon as you sign up. Shop mindfully!

I can’t decide...should I do this course or work with you privately?

Part of the reason I created this course is to help you decide that for yourself!

Obviously, there’s nothing like having a coach to personally support. But for any number of reasons, working with me may not have been the right thing to do at the time, or, maybe you have a bit of fear. (There’s no hiding your stuff when you work with me!)

Never fear though, you can sign up for this course to get a taste of my coaching style and the work I do with my clients. If you decide you want to work with me within three months of purchasing the course, the price you paid here will be deducted from your investment.

Can you remind me of everything I’m getting when I sign up today?


5 audio lessons outlining each step to take to get over an ex
3 meditations to go along with the core content
5 worksheets for each of the lessons
2 bonus lessons: How To Know If You Should Stay Or Leave and How To Know If You’re Ready To Date Again
Ability to book private coaching sessions with me at a discounted rate

Ready to turn your breakup into a breakthrough?

Introductory pricing available through May 21st! (Save $50)

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