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Maybe it’s nosy or slightly stalkerish, but I love seeing people’s behind the scenes.

Knowing what you ate for breakfast gives me ideas to switch up my breakfasts. Hearing your morning meditation routine helps me to tweak mine if it’s not quite working for me.

I love seeing the real story behind people’s curated Instagram lives. In fact, sometimes, it’s hard for me to post on Instagram, because I feel like my life is so not Instagram-worthy.

We still had unpacked boxes in our apartment until about a week ago. I’m not the neatest person either. I’m also always wearing workout clothes because I’ve either just worked out or am about to.

Most importantly, seeing people’s behind the scenes helps me to not feel so alone. It’s easy for me to feel like I’m not good enough or that I don’t have my shit together as someone else when scrolling social media.

But when I can see that person’s human-ness, I don’t feel as alone. I begin to see that we’re all in this together. And I can learn from them as someone standing right next to me instead of being above me on some sort of pedestal.

In that spirit, I thought I’d peel the curtain back and show you a bit of a snapshot of what life looks like to me right now.

I’m currently reading:

Profit First (I have a strict one book at a time policy). I also highly recommend this book if you have a business.

Next Books up:

Next up, I’m reading the Art of Money and Pat Conroy’s The Death of Santini. I also keep a Real Simple on my night stand.

Favorite podcasts:

I’m really into podcasts. I mean, I have one, I should like them, right?

My style of listening is that I’m a very dedicated listener. If I follow a podcast, I listen to every single episode. If I find that I’m not interested in all the episodes, I may listen to an episode, but I likely won’t subscribe to it. As such, I have a very high bar as to what new podcasts I’ll follow! So here are some favorites:

My morning ritual:

My morning routine has shifted since living in Denver because Stevie is still home when I wake up. My routine is still settling in, but here’s about where I am:

  • I wake up around 6:30am. Stevie’s usually out on the couch watching TV at that point, so I’ll go out and cuddle with him as I’m waking up.
  • Then, I’ll make my smoothie and breakfast (usually oatmeal). If Stevie is still home at that point, I’ll go ahead and put my running clothes on.
  • When he leaves, I do a 10-minute Headspace meditation, then I do my daily mindset practice, which takes me about 10-20 minutes, depending on how much time I have. (If you want to learn specifically what I do in my mindset practice, I’m teaching it in the Dating Refresh. Sign up here!)
  • I’m also training for a half marathon, and since it’s hot here, I generally run right after my meditation and mindset practice. When I get home, I feed my dog, eat breakfast while he’s eating, then take him for a walk. Finally, I get home, shower, and dress. This is usually all while listening to a podcast.
  • I may not sit down at my desk until 10 or 11am, but I’ll generally work with minimal breaks until 5-7pm.

My evening ritual:

After dinner, Stevie and I usually walk Kapha then watch a show. Lately, it’s been Reign. But so I won’t have nightmares (It’s a good show, though a bit too gory for my taste), we watch an episode of New Girl or Parks & Rec.

Then Stevie takes Kapha out for his nighttime walk and I get into bed, get my diffuser with lavender essential oil going, and read a book. I try to be lights out between 10:30 and 11pm.

What our weekends look like:

Stevie and I like to observe Shabbat in our way ways. Sometimes this means having friends over for Shabbat dinner or going to a friend’s house for dinner. Or, we stay home, Stevie makes sushi and we watch a movie. Saturdays are my long run days in half marathon training, so I get up and do my run, then we pretty much veg out the rest of the day.

We might go to synagogue or to a Shabbat lunch, but I’d say that’s only 50% of the time. We read, hang out, take long walks, and meet up with friends in the afternoons. When Stevie naps I usually go to yoga or work on some DIY crafts in the kitchen.

Saturday night is often date night, so we’ll go get a drink somewhere. (In Dallas, we went to the Whole Foods bar almost every week. I promise this is cool.) We haven’t found our place in Denver yet though.

Sundays are outdoor days. We go to the mountains and hike. After hiking, we’ll go get lunch or visit a brewery/winery. We’ll also window shop in cute mountain towns, and sometimes go to open houses to see dreamy homes we’d love to purchase one day.

What I’m proud of:

My persistence and never giving up. It sounds so cliche, but I’ve failed so many times. SO many times. But no matter what, I’ve always gotten back up, and tried something else.

There were moments when I didn’t know if I could run a business or really help women. But I never gave up. It would’ve been so easy to. I kept going though, and I’m so glad that I did. I hope I can inspire you to do the same.

Some of my favorite podcast episodes on Love-Life Connection:

  • Episodes 27-30 – A year ago, I visited my friend Casey Berglund, and when I was up there, we recorded 4 episodes together. While I think the content is great, what I really love about those episodes is that it’s a beautiful example of soulful friends having soulful conversations. This is something I want to cultivate more of in my life, and help my clients have more of that too.
  • Episodes 68-71: Why you’re Attracting Emotionally Unavailable men 4 Part Series – I love these episodes because they were the first time I talked a lot about my past relationships. It was a fun and healing thing for me to do. I also loved hearing the feedback from you that it was helpful and made you feel less alone. (By the way, all of August, I’m bringing you a 6-part series of how I found love and met Stevie. The saga begins when I’m 11 years old, and I can’t wait to share it with you.)

A challenge I’m experiencing:

Being in a new place, even if it’s in my dream city, is hard. I’m still finding a yoga studio that feels like home, a doctor I trust, and rhythm that feels grounding. Most of all, I’m seeking new friends and building a new community here, and that’s really, really hard. I’d almost always rather stay home than send an awkward friend date text.

I’ve learned to set boundaries around it (like one new friend date a week) so that I still have plenty of time for my introverted self. I’m reminding myself that if usually to get the things we want, we have to go outside our comfort zones.

What I’m looking forward to:

  • Going on a mini-moon to Santa Fe over Labor Day, and our big honeymoon to Iceland and Norway next March.
  • Getting ready to welcome 25 new women to the Dating Mindset Bootcamp (Get on the waitlist here)
  • Finally getting a real Fall and Winter here in Denver! I love love love having seasons.

Who’s inspiring me:

  • Alison Faulkner – The host of Awesome with Alison. Her Instagram feed makes me smile, and even though her pictures are beautiful, she does an incredible job at reminding me of the messiness of life, and that it’s normal and ok to have “bad” feelings.
  • How I Built This – The CEOs and founders How I Built This interviews. Their stories have incredibly valuable nuggets for entrepreneurs, but I think also for life. My biggest takeaway: no one really knows what they’re doing before they do it. They just figure it out along the way. Don’t wait to figure it out, just start doing it.
  • Illustrator Mari Andrew – her illustrations on instagram make my day, every day.

My latest self-care ritual:

Allowing space for reading. There was a period when it was taking me MONTHS to get through a book. I realized that was because I only read right before bed, when I could only get in a few pages before I’d pass out. Now, I’m taking mini breaks throughout the day just to read. Reading more won’t just happen, I have to make time for it.

Also, unfollowing brands and people that make me feel less than or crappy. Social media is already enough of a time suck and addiction, I don’t need to have it filled with people that make me feel crappy. My filter questions are: Do I know this person and genuinely want to stay connected? Does this account make me laugh? Does this account inspire and motivate me? If not, bye bye.

Goal for the year I still want to meet:

I want to finish my half marathon I’m training for in September. Ideally, I’d love to run it at 10 minute mile pace.

Guilty pleasure:

The Bachelorette! As a relationship coach, I cringe when I watch. A lot. But I’ve discovered that loving it for the guilty pleasure that it is is a profound spiritual practice.

My latest cooking projects:

I’ve recently made these cheezy kale chips, which were divine. I also made some yummy granola bars from Oh She Glows. They’re the latest bars in her recipe app. Delicious and super energizing for our Sunday hikes.

That’s the latest with me, but I’d love to hear from you. What are you reading? What are you listening to? What food have you cooked that was amazing? Who’s inspiring you? What goals do you still want to meet this year?

Let me know in the comments below!




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