Frustrated AF when it comes to love?

You’re in the right place.

Sister, I know you.

I was once where you are now:

  • Frustrated.
  • Frantically googling.
  • Buying self-help book after self-help book.
  • Feeling embarrassed that everyone else could figure this out but you.
  • Sick of the good-intentions-but-actually-really-patronizing pep talks from your non-single friends who somehow completely forgot what it was like to date.


The pain of not having romantic love in your life is no longer dull and nagging, but rather, smacking you in the face.

And you don’t have a clue as to how to get it to stop.

It’s all the more frustrating because you’re smart and successful. You’ve believe you “ought” to be able to figure this one out too. Right?

The cold hard truth is you’re stuck. You’re frustrated, and maybe even a little jaded.


Attracting all the wrong guys… either they’re not *really* available (emotionally or otherwise), or you’re just not interested in them

Having a hard time letting go of that ex even though you know it’d never work out with him

Smart, confident, and ambitious at work, but when it comes to relationships, all that goes out the window.

You deeply want to feel the spark, have someone “get” you, and have a deep, mutual attraction.

You want to find someone who cherishes you, supports your successes, and is there with a shoulder to lean on.

You want a teammate, a best friend, a partner in crime. Just someone to do life with.

Just someone to freaking binge watch How I Met Your Mother with, and all you can think is, “JESUS H. CHRIST. THIS SHOULDN’T BE SO F&#(ING HARD!!!”

(Can you tell I’ve been there???)

I’m someone who struggled in love for YEARS. I’m a good relationship coach not because I met my husband when I was 16, but because I’ve learned what not to do.

When it comes to finding love, I’ve experienced it all:

A guy too drunk to pick me up for our date (and I agreed to go on ANOTHER date with him… then he did it again, and I BALLED when he dumped me).

Had a boyfriend begin a sentence with, “My next girlfriend…”

Even got a guy who loved me and wanted to marry me, but I couldn’t deal and broke up with him.

A boyfriend who told me that I was too emotional and needed to control it better because “he couldn’t deal.”

Was broken up by someone I was crazy about, only to realize I dropped a lot of my friends while I was in the relationship and didn’t have them to lean on when I needed them most.

And that’s just scratching the surface, girlfriend.

When you experience failed relationship after failed relationship, it’s hard NOT to think you’re doing something wrong and need to be fixed. And it’s even harder when you’re going at it alone.

Look, there’s no silver bullet to finding love. But IF there was one, it’d be this:

Whether you want to call in more love, happiness, a business, or health, you can’t underestimate the transformative power of having someone on your team.

Not a friend who may not want to hurt your feelings (therefore not telling you what you REALLY need to hear) or the countless self-help books that ultimately just feel confusing and overwhelming.

But rather, someone who’s there to hold you accountable, help you see your blind spots and blocks, get valuable insight into yourself, and share expert information in whatever area of your life you want to change.

And give you tough love, when needed. Hey, tough love is still love. 🙂

Before working with Veronica, I was disappointed in guys and dating generally. I had stopped trusting them and myself to make the right decision on who to date. With each new relationship I would tell myself I wouldn’t lose “me” again but as it progressed I would and also become resentful of who I was dating.

Veronica kept me accountable to stay true to who I am as I started dating again after a bad breakup. In fact, I didn’t even realize how much my ex was holding me back until Veronica pointed that out to me. She helped me to be learn where my boundaries are and the blocks I failed to see that contributed to my last failed relationship. I used to see red flags very early on in dating guys, but I usually ignored them because I really wanted to be in a relationship. Veronica helped me to stay true to myself.

Now, I can foresee potential problems and red flags earlier, and act on them effectively, whether it’s easily letting a guy go or communicating with them about my concern. I no longer will settling with a guy just because of concerns over my age or biological clock.

In the end, I learned how to love myself again. I no longer stay in relationships with the wrong guys because now I truly love myself and know I deserve more. I have already recommended Veronica to others so that they learn what is blocking them from a healthy relationship. I truly feel like love is on its way for me + I finally have the tools to attract and accept the love I desire.

Diana R

Dallas, TX

Introducing the Find Love Now 1×1 Coaching Program

Truthbomb: Finding love doesn’t have to suck, and you don’t have to do it alone anymore.

The Find Love Now Coaching Program is a 4-month 1×1 coaching immersion designed to help you uplevel ALL the relationships in your life.

By the end, you’ll know what you want in love and how to get it, without worrying about being too much, too masculine, needy, emotional, or losing your independence.

In addition to relationships, you’ll see massive growth in your health, career or business, and friendships. (Because nothing exists in a vacuum!)

By the end of our time together, you’ll feel more like yourself, more confident, and aligned to create what you want in life and love.

In the Find Love Now Coaching Program, we’ll cover topics such as:

Shifting dating patterns that have you attracting emotionally unavailable men, narcissists, guys who tell you they don’t want to commit then marry the next person they date, and more

Getting over an ex, whether it’s a marriage or a guy you dated for a bit but can’t shake

Defining your boundaries and how to have them respected by men while keeping their interest

Getting clear on what you actually want so you can manifest it into your life

Trusting yourself and others so you can make decisions confidently and know when you can be vulnerable

Feel more aligned to a business you already have so you can grow it

Healing childhood wounds that have you attracting men like your parents, or repeating your parents’ mistakes (even if it’s the thing you fear most)

Overcoming people-pleasing tendencies so you can have healthier and more fulfilling relationships and friendships

How to ask for what you need in a relationship without feeling needy, bitchy, or starting an argument

Making online dating FUN and actually work for you

Dropping your story on why you haven’t found love so you can create a NEW story

“Find your passion” in your career or in starting a business

The beauty of 1×1 is that it’s 100% customizable to you and your needs. But generally, with my clients we flow through three big stages:



We’ll begin by letting go of old patterns, blocks, limiting beliefs, “shoulda-woulda-coulda’s” and expectations



Then, we’ll move into reimagining what you want your life to look like: in love, career, your lifestyle, health and more. Because hey, it’s all connected.



Now it’s time to get to work bringing everything you imagined for yourself into real life. #IRL

Ready to get started?

I’ve worked with incredible women from across the globe…

(Scroll to read and hear many of their stories!)

As a go-getter, Veronica has helped me tap into my feminine side so I can be more relaxed and be less anxious, and let the man take the lead. She also helped me understand what I want (and need) in a relationship to be happy and valued, while still maintaining my own independence, which is so important to me.

I’ve been dating a man for about a month and a half now – while I’m not sure where the relationship will go, I truly believe working with Veronica has allowed me to worry less about every little thing he says or does and just enjoy the journey.

Diana S

Dallas, TX

But hold up: 1×1 coaching ISN’T for everyone…

Here’s how to know if you’re a good fit:

  • Committed to making changes and doing the inner work to shift your mindset around dating and relationships.
  • Done with the “dating game”, the superficial rules, and lowering your standards to find someone.
  • Not dating, and you have no idea where to start, or you’re in a relationship but aren’t sure if it’s really the right one.
  • Feeling frustrated after therapy; even though it helped some, it didn’t really get you where you wanted to go in love. You need more hand holding, real world advice, and an expert in dating and relationships.
  • Willing to take responsibility for your own happiness and confront the things that are holding you back from attracting healthy relationships, even if it’s scary
  • Ready to make a financial investment in yourself and your growth

On the flip side, 1×1 coaching isn’t a good fit for you if:

  • You aren’t ready to do the work to make changes in your life.
  • You think that men, online dating, or the city you live in are the problem and aren’t willing to see it any other way.
  • You aren’t willing to make time for the program and the effort it requires.
  • You aren’t willing to make a financial investment.
  • You aren’t interested in attracting a lifelong partnership.

I met a guy online and we agreed to meet for a late afternoon walk. I felt so much more comfortable and excited on this date because we spoke ahead of time. LONG story short, we walked by the bay and talked for 3 hours! I walked away changed. I was like wow. That electricity and vibe was there. Part of me forgot that I could feel that way. We agreed to meet again the following Tuesday. He also texted me to say he really enjoyed this afternoon. #Swooning still!

This whole day really made me see that Veronica has really helped me. I can see that I have changed and that I am calmer and more myself on dates. I really believe that Veronica’s style of coaching works.

I am so much more confident and happy because of the work she has helped me do.

Lauren G

San Francisco, CA

All you need to work with me is an intention and a solid internet connection.

I cannot even imagine where things would have been had we not worked together. I am rounding 30 and I’ve accomplished more than I could ever ask for. I found my faith again by working with you and that is priceless. ALSO– IT IS OK TO CHILL OUT– I am so type A and want everything done yesterday. I learned to have confidence in myself as a daughter, friend and nurse.

The best thing about working with Veronica was her ability to still keep things light even when we were working on some really hard things. I think the tough love was important because I do not usually do well with criticism especially when it is from someone I know. This really helped me to realize I am not alone.

Overall, the last year and a half has been life-changing!

Katy P.

New York

Ready to get started?

When you coach with me, expect the unexpected.

My clients come in wanting love. They often get that, and so much more. They’ve had unexpected results like:

  • Taken a sabbatical
  • Started a side business
  • Created deeper and more meaningful friendships
  • Lost 20lbs
  • Started a new job or career
  • Took an improve class
  • Asked for a raise at work
  • Healed their relationship with their parents
  • Found their passion
  • Move to a new city
  • Bought a home
  • Traveled the world

“I was afraid of the unknown, and all the “what ifs” popped up in my head. I was insecure that I wouldn’t put the best photos up or say the right thing to attract a high quality man that is right for me.

With Veronica “holding my hand,” I was able to feel more secure in my selections. You warned I might be overwhelmed at the beginning with responses. And oh, that was so true, but I was prepared for that. In the past, I would have thought I had to respond to everything, but now, I hit the delete button with confidence if I’m not interested.

Thankfully no dic pics have been sent to me or anything remotely suggestive. And now, I’ve been dating someone I really like since October 2016!

He is a wonderful man. Thank you for the directing and coaching to an area of my life I had given up on.

Sherri W.

Amarillo, TX

Lauren says the work we do here isn’t “typical”:
Pam got a crazy, totally unforeseen result:


(Note, when you sign up for an introductory Coaching Consult, you can ask me all the questions you have. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions.)

When does the program begin?

I take clients on a rolling basis, and the program lasts about 4 months after we start. I’m currently filling spots to begin in late summer.

I work with a limited number of clients at a time as I want to give everyone the attention they deserve. As such, I recommend submitting your interest form for an Introductory Coaching Consult if you’re interested (even if you’re not 100% sure) in signing up. That way, you can go ahead and get on my radar and waitlist if necessary.

I've got a lot of travel coming up. Can I still enroll?

Yes! This program is fully customized for you, including the dates we meet. If you’re traveling, we can still meet while on your trip (vacations are an amazing time for self-reflection), or you can schedule around your travels.

What if I’m not dating or need to work on myself first?

Let me tell you a little secret: coaching will help you do what you need to do to “work on yourself” to find love. You’ll learn how to attract high quality men, how to see red flags, how to know if you’re settling, and how to manage texts/online dating. Yes, all the dating things.

This program will help you get to a place where you can start dating again so you don’t make the same mistakes, stay in the same patterns or go after the same types of guys, all with more emotional resilience.

Can you help me with my business or career?

A number of my clients want my support in finding their passion or making a big career shift.

I also have clients who are also coaches or other kinds of helpers and healers. If that’s you, I can help you create a business with soul that feels fulfilling and profitable. In my experience, the secret sauce to success is solid combo of inner and outer work. FB ads, funnels, social media, SEO, even websites, are helpful (and I can help you with that too), but they aren’t going to make or break your business.

I’m busy/It’s not a good time/I’m not ready/I can't afford it

Honestly, ‘busy’ is an excuse. It feels safe to hide behind busy because confronting your issues around dating + relationships may bring stuff up. And that’s a bit scary. It’ll be safe to work through your stuff with me.

I’m proud to say that any of my clients will tell you I held a safe, non-judgemental place for them to grow.

Some more tough love: You’ll never not be busy or ready, it’s never a good time, and you’ll always feel like you can’t afford it. The truth is, 90% of what we waste our money and time on are the very things causing our suffering and problems we want to solve.

If you’re uneasy about investing in yourself, make sure you listen to this episode on the Love Life Connection where I talk about how I’ve invested in myself and what it was like for me to hire my own coach.

You’ve got to decide if finding love is a priority for you. If it isn’t, that’s totally cool. But if it’s really something that’s important to you, and you tell yourself it’s not, you’re going to be miserable. What you resist, persists.

It’s a fact that we prioritize both our money and time for something that’s truly important. If your gut is telling you want to prioritize working on yourself so that 2018 can finally be the year you find love, I highly encourage you to listen to it and take the leap to hire a coach.

If money I know for some, the math may just not add up. But for many, the money IS there. But there’s a lot of emotion tied up around that. Often, the thing that’s keeping you stuck in love will also be there very thing preventing you from making an investment. Can start to unravel that pattern and make a commitment to yourself that your worth this? Also, payment plans are available. 🙂

Hmmm, can I chat with a former or current client of yours?

Abso-freaking-lutely! I always offer this to potential clients because I know investing in coaching is a big decision. Just sign up for an Introductory Coaching Consult, so we can chat and I can get to know you more. That way, I can connect you with a client who’s in a similar life situationship as you.

You truly never know what you’re capable of creating in your life unless you give yourself the opportunity to create it.

“I’m a single mom with two girls, and even though I knew working with Veronica was something I truly wanted to do, I hesitated because of the money. After that fleeting thought, I followed my gut knowing this was for me. Veronica had a good vibe and I had listened to her podcasts (repeatedly) throughout the Date Yourself Challenges.

One of the greatest things I learned from Veronica was to identify my needs within a relationship and what that feels like. I was able to forget what my head was telling me, and stayed clear during a date. I focused on how the date made me feel vs. what they looked like on paper.

I really changed my expectations of any date that I went on. I looked at what I could learn about the other person or about myself. My goal each date was to have fun. That totally took a lot of pressure off of me about finding “the one”. It allowed me to be present and not as nervous during the date. I was being my authentic self because I very clear about who I was, what I wanted to feel and I was confident with what I brought to the table. I was happy and fulfilled with myself.

I would try and be more conscious and aware of what I needed to do to make myself feel loved and appreciated. I am more aware of my own needs and ways that I can fulfill my own needs without looking at a partner to fill those needs for me.

I would recommend everyone take this course: married, single, or dating. There are aspects of the course that are so transferable for individual growth and development. Veronica is down to earth and has an amazing approach to dating. I loved that she doesn’t really sugar coat things, and she tells it how it is.

Plus, I met my husband while I was working with Veronica! 🙂

Kaeli Y

Ontario, Canada

Charlotte’s message to you if you’re considering coaching:

The benefit of having a coach vs. friends to talk to:

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