• Online dating?

    It doesn't have to suck.

    There are over 40 million Americans using online dating sites and apps to meet other singles. 

    Yet somehow, when you’re in the trenches, you can’t even seem to have one decent guy you’d want to go on a date with.

    It’s like an epic game of Where’s Waldo, but way more depressing. Way more frustrating. And, it’s actually you’re life.

    I know how it goes:

    You get excited to date, make a new profile. Things are going well.

    And then…

    Crickets. Creepers. Endless texting that doesn’t go anywhere. Request for “full-body” pics or even nude pics.

    Swipe. Swipe. Swipe. Oh christ, when will it end?

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    You might say: I want dating to be the old fashioned way! What the hell happened to chivalry and men taking ladies out on dates?!

    *Cue profile getting deleted.*

    Time to meet people in real life. Right?

    I’m Veronica, and I’m just a little obsessed with online dating. V verticle small

    I have quite a few strong opinions when it comes to online dating.

    The truth is, online dating is an amazing tool to use if you’re busy, are a bit introverted, or live in a small town.

    I mean think of it, you have 100s of men at your fingertips  that you’d probably would’ve never had any access to before.

    The problem isn’t online dating. The problem is not understanding how to use it effectively. 

    I used online dating all the time when I was single. While I met Stevie offline, I often joke that I was up to my ears in online dating when I met him. But I actually believe that because I was online dating when I met him, it allowed me to show up naturally when we did meet. Because I was meeting great men online, I didn’t feel the need to always be on the prowl every time I was social.

    My secret (or not so secret?) obsession is writing effective, juicy online dating profiles for smart, savvy women, and help them navigate the trenches to find their Waldo.

    veronica grant in press

    It’s time to let yourself meet great men online. Let’s get you an online dating profile makeover, so you can make it work online.


    Make It Work Online

    Make It Work Online is a 1×1 service where I’ll write your online dating profile and help you attract, meet, and date great men.

    Together, we’ll make it work online. 

    The package includes:


    – 100% authentic + customized online dating profile (with 1 revision)

    – 1 45-minute online dating strategy session

    – Guidance on selecting profile pictures

    – 2 weeks of email coaching so I can answer your questions as you get everything set up and you start talking to men

    “I. LOVE. IT. I updated my OKC profile last night and already I’ve gotten a handful of messages along the lines of, “Please tell me you’re real and not catfishing” and “you sound freakin’ AMAZING,” along with people who mention the long-term relationship part. I’m feeling like I’m on my way 😊 Thank you for the help!”

    Diana S.

    Dallas, TX

    How to get started:

    Step 1. Click the “I’m Ready For A New Dating Profile!” button below to submit your payment.

    Step 2. After you submit your payment, you’ll receive your welcome packet and client agreement from me within 1 business day.

    Step 3. Once your agreement has been signed, you’ll be given access to your Dating Profile Makeover Questionnaire.

    Step 4. Once I get those answers, I write your profile. When I have a solid draft, I’ll send it to you within 2 business days.

    Step 5. When I send you your draft, I’ll also send you a link to schedule your 45-minute Online Dating Strategy Session. 

    Step 6. We have our Online Dating Strategy Session! Here’s where we’ll discuss your profile, pictures, finalize which app/site you’re going to use (in case you’re not sure yet), and I’ll coach you on how to make messages and communication with men online MOST effective.

    Step 7. I’ll make any necessary edits to your profile, then send everything to you within 1 business day of our Online Dating Strategy session.

    Step 8. You get yourself set up online. You have 2 weeks of email coaching so I can help you if you have set up questions or need me for anything as you’re beginning to chat with and meet great men!

    Have questions? Email me.

    Ready to make it work online?

    Let’s do this.

    Your investment: one payment of $247.

    I'm ready for a new dating profile!

    Before Veronica helped me make it work online, I was afraid of the unknown, and all the “what ifs” popped up in my head.  I was insecure that I wouldn’t put the best photos up or say the right thing in the profile to attract a high quality man that is right for me. 

    With Veronica “holding my hand,” I was able to feel more secure in my selections.  You and some of the other ladies had warned I might be overwhelmed at the beginning with responses. And oh, that was so true, but I was prepared for that.  Plus, I don’t have to reply to every message, in the past I would have thought the polite thing to do, was to at least reply once.  I hit the delete button with confidence if I wasn’t interested.

    I’ve had many polite messages that there seems to be possibilities.  Thankfully no dic pics have been sent to me or anything remotely suggestive. There’s two gentlemen that have stood out.  One I was to meet on Tuesday and then again yesterday!

    Sherri W.

    Amarillo, TX

    Ready to make it work online?

    Let’s do this.

    Your investment: one payment of $247.

    I'm ready for a new dating profile!

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