• Thank you, m'dear! It was a pleasure to chat. I hope you gained some insight, I know I did.

    As a thank you, I’d love to gift you my Guide to Deconstruct Your Cravings.

    Sometimes you're hungry, but it's not for food.
    It's not about self-control or will power. Figure out what you're really hungry for.

    What you can expect from the Guide to Deconstruct Your Cravings::


    Cravings are direct messages from the body, telling you need something or are lacking something specific. Understand why you might crave something, so you can prevent the craving from ever happening.


    Overcoming cravings isn’t a matter of willpower, but knowing how to respond to them when they happen. In this guide, you’ll get specific action steps to help you find patterns in cravings so you can be prepared and in control the next time a craving strikes.


    The messages behind a sweet craving is very different from a salt craving. It’s important to know how to satisfy it. That’s why I’ve include a list of alternative snacks to satisfy your even your worst sweet, salty, creamy, and crunchy cravings.

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