• Here’s what you’ll learn:

    • Why an imbalance in masculine-feminine energy could be sabotaging your relationships
    • How to embrace your feminine
    • How to be a feminist and feminine at the same time

    About Amanda:

    Flex your intuition muscles, find empowerment through exercise and ignite your inner-inspiration with Feminine Empowerment Guide, Mind Body Nutritionist and Pilates Instructor, Amanda Gyuran.

    After years of struggling with exercise obsession and binge eating, Amanda slowly watched her hormonal health, relationships and creativity dwindle away.

    It’s now her mission to help women embody their feminine energy, banish body bashing and rock their relationship with fitness so they can live more connected, more vibrant lives and pursue their passions with purpose.

    Using a unique combination of Eating Psychology, Holistic Nutrition, Radical Self Care Rituals and Mind Body Movement, Amanda works with creative women worldwide through her private mentorship program and her online Pilates course, The Liberated Movement Method. Learn more on her virtual home, amandagyuran.com.

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