• You all are in for a real treat with this episode. Julie is so eloquent and poised as she shares priceless insight into coaching, confidence, feminine power, and relationships. We touch on a lot of important topics in this episode, and if you’re struggling with confidence, friendships not benefiting you anymore, or wondering when you’ll meet the one, you’ll love this episode.

    Here’s what you’ll learn:

    • When you need coaching vs. when you need counseling
    • How to manage losing friendships as you grow and move down the path of self-development
    • Why you feel confident in work, then lose it all in a relationship
    • How Julie went from wondering where he is to meeting her husband

    Your next steps:

    Ready to uplevel your life and relationships? If you’re ready for something big to change in your life, done with feeling crappy every day, feeling alone, or just keeping yourself busy to avoid the feels, apply my 1×1 coaching HERE.

    About Julie:

    Hailed by ELLE Magazine as a ‘self-help guru,’ Julie Parker is the Founder of The Beautiful You Coaching Academy where she passionately trains and supports heart centered people to bring their talents into the world as life coaches.

    The Editor in Chief of inspired COACH Magazine, a published author, and in demand speaker, Julie has inspired thousands of people on stages all over the world for clients including Apple and Earth Events.

    Julie is the recipient of numerous leadership and women’s business awards and she appears regularly in the media including Sunrise and The Morning Show, as well as publications such as Cosmopolitan, Peppermint Magazine and Sunday Life. Julie is also a modern day Priestess and is committed to contributing to a world where feminine qualities of intuition, presence, nurturing and love, sit comfortably within the realms of global for profit entrepreneurship.

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