• We are in the FINAL episode of a little summer series I’m doing with Casey Berglund. In this episode, we share what being a strong woman means to us. 

    We talk about asking for help, being vulnerable + you’ve got to hear our nautical analogy for this whole subject. 

    This is a conversation we want to continue! In the comments below, we’d love to know… what does being a strong woman mean to you?

    Being a strong woman also includes having real conversations that honor your energy and your boundaries. Here’s a outline to help you with the process. 

    Authentic Conversation Outline:

    1. Get clear on what isn’t working + what you need

    2. Tell them what an action (or lack of action) is making you feel

    3. Describe how you want to feel instead

         a. What is feeling good? What isn’t?

         b. What’s not working?

         c. What’s not making you feel safe or comfortable?

         d. How/when have you been hurt?

         e. What do you want to feel in the relationship with them?

         f. How have you been feeling?

    4. Use specific examples:

         a. When X happened, I felt Y…

         b. I feel {way you don’t want to feel} when you say/do …

    5. The conversation is about closing the gap, from point A to point B

    About Casey

    For many years Casey had an unhealthy and unhappy relationship with food, her body, and her life. She is a self-described queen of the all-or-none when it came to food + dieting. She read every diet book she could get her hands on and ate in a very rigid way (that would usually backfire). This left her exhausted + feeling stuck.

    She got her degree in nutrition from the University of Alberta, which was useful in learning how food affected her body. But what REALLY helped her was establishing a yoga practice. Yoga helped her let go of her perfectionist mentality + made her more mindful. It connected her with her own unique inner wisdom, which now serves to guide the way she eats, the way she treat her body, and the way she lives her life.


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    Worthy + Well Facebook group

    Date Yourself Community Facebook group

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